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1/1/13 2:28:38AM
Welterweight star Paul Daley is locked out of the U.S. due to visa issues while he's facing criminal charges in England. He is complaining on Facebook that Bellator is preventing him from taking fights in the UK while he's locked out of the U.S.

1/1/13 11:20:03AM
It's not Bellator's fault he's a violent thug. He signed the contract.
1/1/13 11:42:14AM
Daley has what i like to call "Diaz Effect", which means that i cant stand them as human beings, but i love watching them fight....sad that this guy isnt in the bellator tourney
1/1/13 12:48:04PM
Bad news seems to follow Paul Daley around
1/1/13 2:50:30PM
Paul Daley is preventing Paul Daley from working.
1/1/13 2:59:18PM
How is it bellators fault he doesn't know how to act in public?
1/1/13 4:11:37PM

Posted by shaneTpain

Paul Daley is preventing Paul Daley from working.

well put
1/1/13 8:36:53PM
Bellator is a legal troll.
1/2/13 12:55:47PM
Let me guess Daley, Bellator setup the whole bar fight thing right?
1/2/13 1:26:55PM
Bellator's only fault is giving the guy a job. Legally, I'd imagine Bellator could actually sue Daley for whatever signing bonus he got being as his own actions breached his contracted bout with Koppenhaver.
1/2/13 1:40:05PM
Also want to point out that Bellator allowing their fighters to compete outside the promotion has unanimously ended badly. They cut several fighters for losing outside the promotion, and Dantes got KO'd last fight against a nobody and he's their damn champ.
1/2/13 3:17:58PM
Just so everybody knows.

The bar fight was never an issue.

Daley can't fight in Bellator until a decision has been made on his Visa application. That decision is due at the end of April. Bellator knew of this when they signed Daley. The War Machine/Daley fight was never going to happen, for the above reason.

Daley sought permission to fight in the UK to stay busy in the mean time. Bellator said yes, so Daley booked a fight at Cage Warriors' next show in February.

Daley then received a legal letter from Bellator preventing him from fighting.

Bellator contracts are tantamount to slavery.

How is it legal to prevent an independent contractor from earning a living.........?
1/2/13 3:27:33PM
Because if he fights overseas and loses, his stock drops and their product isn't worth as much. Bellator is the only major organization that lends their fighters out, and they've come to regret it as of late.
1/2/13 3:30:21PM
Fair point. Doubtful on a Cage Warriors show, but fair point.
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