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7/11/08 12:54:52PM
In an exclusive interview ahead of his fight on Saturday night, Paul Daley revealed to Fighters Only that he has more than just his upcoming bout with Bojan 'Zelva' Kosednar on his mind.

"I've got a few things I want to get out in the air with regards to Pro Elite, Cage Rage and the future," he said. "I've got no contract with Cage Rage, my contract stands with Pro Elite. My fight with Cage Warriors seems to be a problem with the guys at Pro Elite."

Rival UK promotions Cage Rage and Cage Warriors are going head-to-head on Saturday night, holding events in London and Nottingham respectively. Daley agreed to fight in his home city of Nottingham months ago, citing complete approval from Pro Elite executives when he told them of his plans to fight. Since then, he claims Pro Elite have changed their stance on his headlining bout.

7/11/08 1:00:45PM
I hope Daley comes back with the same intensity he had before. That guy is a tough SOB. I think Semtex would do well in the UFC.
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