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7/24/09 3:44:49PM
The biggest losers to come out of Affliction's announcement that they have canceled their August 1 show are not the fans, ticket holders or even the Affliction employees; it's the fighters who were scheduled to compete on the card. The ones who have been training for the last few months with a big pay day in mind.

7/24/09 3:57:23PM
Horrible way to do business plain and simple.Perhaps in a financial sense it will be better in the long run but the trust of the fighters def. has been lost or at least should be. Affliction doesn't care about the fighters or the sport of MMA they only care about money and I think its pretty clear through the cancellation of their show that its all about the money for Affliction and not all about paying the fighters what they deserve and such. Sad day for the sport imo.
7/24/09 4:01:20PM
Didn't the PPV company cancel it?
7/24/09 4:22:14PM
From what I read in the articles it didn't seem that way. From what I read on sherdog,weekly and junkie it came off from what I read it was a choice to cancel the whole show. I would like to get that cleared up however as I could be wrong.

Either way very irresponsible business by Affliction.
7/24/09 6:17:13PM
Funny, Tom Atencio was just on a MN mma show last Wednesday saying how their company looks out for their fighters and wants to help them provide for their families. Insert foot in mouth, now

About 3/4 of the way through
7/24/09 6:38:56PM
i do think paul has more than earned his ticket back to the ufc
7/25/09 12:15:14AM
so much for "the show must go on"

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