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9/14/09 11:26:00PM
Man, I have never been so enthralled by a season opener before. What a fantastic ending to a game!
9/14/09 11:56:40PM
Pretty good game. I hate to see Buffalo lose it at the end, they really deserved the W.
9/15/09 12:22:30AM
Yea I feel bad -- I mean really bad for buffalo. Tough tough loss. Hopefully they can build of these regardless of the loss. They are looking good.
9/15/09 7:20:49AM
Just down the ball in the endzone. Why bring it out?
9/15/09 8:06:00AM
The only reason I could see him running that ball out was maybe he thought he caught it on the 1 and backed into the endzone.

The replay clearly shows he didn't but in the moment as a player on the field I could see him being worried about giving up a safety and losing the game that way.

Still though, what was he thinking fighting for the extra yard or 2? once you feel contact go down.
9/15/09 8:55:23AM
both games last night had upset written all over them, but the better teams came through in the end. i feel bad for buffalo, that was a brutal way to lose.
9/15/09 1:08:03PM
How about all 3 games Sunday night and both monday nighters. They were good, also along with the thursday pit vs ten game.

9/16/09 1:13:25PM
Great week 1 indeed. Stayed up 'till 7am over here watching the two Monday games. Wasn't too excited about the 2nd, but after that 4th quarter and the Pat's comeback, I was too pumped to sleep.
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