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11/4/07 7:25:03PM
the Pats won there game against the Colts !!!

it was not easy but they were there on top at the end !!!

congratulation to the Colts, they were as always a very tuff opponent !!

go Pats !!

11/4/07 7:39:05PM
Awsome game, Moss played amazing.
11/4/07 8:01:46PM
Pats goin' all the way baby, they are un-*******-touchable this year
11/4/07 8:05:18PM
Man, the refs in this game made some BS calls against the Pats. I was about to pull my hair out after a few of those calls (offensive interference against Moss in the end zone? What a load of crud.), however, Brady pulled it off and nailed some sweet plays (that fumble by Manning was gorgeous).
11/4/07 8:09:18PM

Posted by cmill21

Awsome game, Moss played amazing.

Yeah, the one hand jumping catch was spectacular !!!

And i agree with warglory about the refs !!

11/4/07 8:52:38PM
Anotheer week, another win...and don't overlook Wes Welker, he is having an amzing season
11/5/07 8:13:09AM
The Pats get revenge. They were down early just like they had the Colts last year before they came back from 21-3.
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