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10/2/07 9:09:49PM
Can they really go 16-0? i think they have no chance, they are yet to play anyone good. They still have to play the colts, steelers, and the cowboys.
10/2/07 10:03:01PM
16-0 man, go pats !!!

and after that the superbowl !!!

i am a very big fan of the pats !! and with moss in the team, it is simply a plesure to see them play !!

10/2/07 10:13:23PM
im going with the titans. Ima a huge texas fan and a huge vince young fan
10/5/07 10:38:15PM
My 2nd Fav team the Pats!!!! are on fire but no one goes undefeated they might lose one or two games but they are still my Superbowl pick but i say the fall to Dallas in the Season then beat them when it matters SB
10/5/07 10:50:56PM
All I have to say is.....Tom Brady.....Randy Moss.....SIIIICK.
10/7/07 7:08:32PM
Here we go STEELERS here we go!!!!
10/7/07 7:51:53PM
The winner of Dallas/ Patriots will be the frontunner no doubt, but I think no one will go undefeated again. There is more games ( 16 regular season , 14 then) . Anyone can really beat anyone on a given day in the NFL, and injuries are far more relavant now. When Miami went undefeated they actually lost their QB for half the regular season. Can anyone really imagine NE/Dallas going undefeated if they lost Brady/ Romo? Me either.
10/7/07 8:53:40PM
It's ok, Broncos will win it ALL!!
10/7/07 9:15:11PM

Posted by iwin

It's ok, Broncos will win it ALL!!

are smokin' crack? lol DOLPHINS!!! LOL 10 straight wins I see coming!!!
10/8/07 12:40:13AM
I dont see any team going 16-0. The undefeated teams have hard matchups donw the road. Packers just lost their first one, Cowboys will prob be next to follow prob next week. After that it will be a matter of who out of Patriots and Colts will be next to lose. Honestly I think they will be undefeated until they play each other.
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