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12/4/08 7:19:03PM
Before he scored three consecutive knockouts at UFC 2 — and way before he harpooned Butterbean at Yamma 1 — Patrick Smith was busy smashing fools in the sport karate circuit. This video (posted on the UG) was just too ridiculous/amazing not to share. Watch as Smith breaks some boards to fire himself up for the match, then executes a perfect side-kick to the balls / reverse-roundhouse combo to knock his opponent off the fighting stage, Bloodsport-style. I've said it before and I'll say it again: ROBOTE IS THE STRONGEST.

12/4/08 9:15:23PM
he won 2 by guillotine and one vicious elbows ko at ufc 2

and apparently hes not a big fan of the law

[edit] Arrest
On March 25 2008, Patrick was arrested after a high-speed police chase in which he was clocked at speeds of up 130 mph (210 km/h) on his sports motorcycle. He was charged with felony attempting to elude, possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription, and reckless driving. He was not, however, convicted. [1]

[edit] Second Arrest
On April 29 2008, Smith was arrested in Denison, TX. He was charged with failing to register as a sex offender in Bryant County, OK after moving to outside Durant, OK. Smith was convicted of sexual assault of a child in Colorado in 1999 for fondling a 14 year old girl. [2]

12/5/08 1:35:26AM
Definately worth seeing
12/5/08 8:00:41PM
Back in the day Smith was one of the baddest guys around.
A lot of people think the first few UFC's were just full of bar room brawlers,but that's not true.
There was some legit contenders,and Smith was one of them.
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