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3/27/08 10:19:36PM
Wow this will be a great fight.....can't wait for this one. Cote is on a hot streak right now and Almeida impressed me with his IMO submission of the year canidate win...
3/28/08 10:59:49AM
Cote's win streak has been awesome but I think Almeida's submission skills will be too much for him to handle. 2nd rd sub.
3/28/08 2:57:01PM
i picked cote by 2nd round ko. i just have a gut feeling about this one. almeida is a demon on the ground though. i think it will go to the ground late in the first with cote just making it out of the round and then before almeida has a chance to take cote down in the 2nd he will ko him( cause if it goes to the ground in the 2nd its over for cote)
3/29/08 10:36:25AM
I hope Cote will win, but he better stay off the ground are he will get subed for sure. I think his best chance is to hit Almeida with a punch early. The longer the fight go's the more likely Almeida will sub him.
3/30/08 12:57:53AM
This fight will hinge on how good Cote's takedown defense is. If he can keep it standing he wins. If it hits the ground Almeida has an overwhelming advantage. Classic grppler vs striker in this one. should prove to be an interesting fight.
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