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10/25/08 5:53:15PM

“I ain’t scared of him and I like my chances against him…. We’re going to push the pace and we’re going to give him a real war…. I do this sport to be world champ…. I can’t wait to unleash the fury and just be the next champion of the world.”

Patrick Cote has been making seemingly crazy statements like this for the past two months leading up to his fight with 185-pound champion Anderson Silva at UFC 90: “Silva vs. Cote” at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill., on October 25. He has not wavered. It’s quite a strategy to adopt, considering the highlight reel track record that “The Spider” boasts against those foolish enough to simply stand and trade. So since it is finally fight day we ask our readers: Is Patrick Cote bluffing, brilliant or braindead?

10/25/08 6:08:42PM
He seems ready to me, I like where he is mentally. Who knows, maybe he can pull the colossal upset.

I've heard luck described as preparation meets opportunity. He's prepared, so he might get lucky.

We've seen crazier things in MMA before.
10/25/08 8:33:12PM
I've never heard anyone say "I can't wait to get KTFO" or "I don't want to be a champ anyway" or" my opponent scares the crap out of me, i hope i don't piss myself"

come on , Cote is not a stupid guy, but he can't go into this fight thinking he's gonna lose. I got mad love for this guy. Nothin but respect win lose or drizaw.
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