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8/24/09 1:37:29PM
Over the weekend, Bloody Elbow noticed that Pat Miletich's profile was put back up on This led to speculation that the 41-year-old MMA veteran had re-signed with the UFC. Remember, prior to UFC 101 Miletich told FanHouse that he hoped to bury his long-standing grudge with UFC president Dana White.

On Monday, Miletich told FanHouse that he had not signed a new contract with the UFC "yet," but seemed very open to the idea of making his return to the Octagon in the near future. Of course, he also said the hatchet had been buried between both sides.

8/24/09 1:41:25PM
I'm calling it now: Matt Serra vs. Pat Miletich...

That's the closest Serra's gonna get to a Hughes rematch, haha

Plus, I think it would be a fun fight
8/24/09 3:15:29PM
I don't know.....I see Pat getting taken out easily be almost anyone in the UFC WW Div. Taylor, Hardy, Kelly, Davis, Hazelett, ect....they would destroy Pat's "legacy". I think he is a great trainer, and commentator, but no longer a great fighter and the UFC's WW Div is stacked.
8/24/09 4:08:01PM
I hope he doesnt. I mean Miletich is a terribly boring and one dimensional fighter past his prime. The only way I see this happening is if the make him fight Renzo who is also rumoured to be in the same boat and surprisingly just as boring and one dimensional as Pat.
8/24/09 5:00:41PM
i hope to god the ufc doesn't sign him,,
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