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12/14/08 9:24:09PM
At age 40 Pat Miletich knocked the shite out of thomas Denny. 50 seconds into the second round Miletich landed a very solid strike and ended the night for Denny. Seeing that he is 40 he might not make another run at UFC gold, but he did look very good in his fight. Just good to see him win after his loss to Renzo. Maybe he is taking a page out of Randy's book and is looking for more Lucrative fights to secure his retierement.? What do you guys think of Miletich's return?
12/14/08 9:27:18PM
are you serious
12/14/08 9:54:49PM
Probably wanted a paycheck + see what he has left to offer in the mma game. Personally, I think its cool. If he can still be competitive and wants to still compete, why not? Severn, Couture, Coleman all do it. And really Denny was only two years younger, not that much of difference.
12/14/08 10:14:51PM
Yeah, this is still on my DVR. It was at Thursday's adrenaline card on HDNET (God bless you Mark Cuban). From what I understand he called out a pro boxer or two after the fight and said something about giving that a try.

Glad to see him still going at it, but lets face it...He beat Thomas Denny.
12/14/08 10:50:55PM
tru poeple have made comebacks (if you wanna call it that) at his age and older. but hes been training fighters for years how much has he been training tho who realy knows. like he said he beat DEnny no ofence to th guy. but i could see him making some noise one a afliction card now or another adreniline
12/15/08 3:17:13AM
There's nothing wrong with wanting to compete, fighters just have that "thing" that brings them back over and over. A lot of them would still fight at 70 if they were allowed.

Getting old isn't easy for regular joe's much less for fighters.
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