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7/18/12 4:11:39PM
“I think I’m putting together a lot of momentum and my game is real solid right now,” said Healy. “I think I’ll be a tough fight for anybody. I think I’ve earned a title shot – more so than anybody in Strikeforce – so I’d really like to see me getting a shot at Gil.

“I’m definitely not saying its Gil or nothing. If (Strikeforce feels) like I need to do another fight, that’s what I’ll do. I’m a fighter and I’ll fight whoever they put in front of me, but I feel like I’ve done enough. If they don’t, I’ll fight whoever I have to.”

7/18/12 4:15:55PM
The Lightweight division is SF's thinnest division, has been for a long time. With no crossover fights looking like a possibility, Healy is definitely the most deserving right now, unless we get another Thompson fight. But I think Coker shot that down right after the 3rd fight.

7/18/12 5:08:34PM
You don't earn a title shot in SF, they are given out randomly.
7/18/12 5:27:38PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

You don't earn a title shot in SF, they are given out randomly.

Really does seem that way.
7/18/12 6:26:20PM
At this point I agree with Healy the division is so scarce he is the only fighter that makes any sort of sense.
7/18/12 6:52:48PM
I think he deserves one, but there is not a whole lot of talent in their division that could even contend with Gil. It's just like if Tim Meanes wins 4 straight against pretty good talent. He might deserve a title shot but is not even on the same level as Bendo. How many wins did it take John Fitch again? I know I'm explaining two different things to make a correlation but I think it works lol
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