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1/10/11 9:35:29AM
"The dude is a monster. That’s what I think. Not only is he humongous, (but) he’s extremely experienced. That’s what makes him the most dangerous. Not just the size, but he has so much experience in MMA and in kickboxing, and he’s a Dutch trained kickboxer. I was in Amsterdam for five years. I know what the Dutch train like out there... He doesn’t seem to get tired. All he needs to do is hit you one time. He’s fast, he’s athletic, and he’s strong as hell. He’s everything you need all in one body... The dude is a monster. I don’t know how anyone is going to stop him any time soon."

1/10/11 10:30:38AM
Got to agree with the guy , I thought Duffe was a beast Overeem made him look like a child.
1/10/11 12:22:24PM
I 100% agree!
Overeem is going to win this tourny and prove the doubters wrong. I am a big fan of Overeem and think he hasn't been given the respect from everyone he deserves.
Can't wait for Overeem and Fedor. Long time waiting on this fight!
1/10/11 12:44:32PM
Barry said the same about Lesnar.

Overeem is gigantic and i thought he made Duffee look not so big in comparison. Overeem looked great recently, but needs to fight someone top 10 to be considered the next big thing imo.

I would rather see Fedor fight Overeem first, but Werdum will be good insight into Overeems ability at HW.
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1/10/11 1:56:59PM

Posted by icantthinkofanything

Overeem looked great recently, but needs to fight someone top 10 to be considered the next big thing imo.

I agree. I don't think Overeem has ever defeated a Top-10 Heavyweight. Kharitonov in '06, Cro Cop in '08, and Brett Rogers last year were probably Top-20 guys. There are 2 or 3 Top-10 guys in the Strikeforce tournament, in addition to Overeem, and he'll probably have to beat all of them to win it.
1/10/11 2:20:48PM
i think someones best bet to beat him is to do it with their grappling. hes looked like a monster on his feet, but hes been knocked out. and anyone in that division could do the same too
1/10/11 2:37:22PM
Most of the MMA world won't disagree with him. Overeem is the favorite in my opinion, with Fedor being the wild card. I love Fedor, but Overeem is a beast. When the fight comes around, I'll probably just flip a coin to choose a winner.
1/10/11 2:47:41PM
I have had my doubts about Alistair in the past, but I think that the recurring theme of beast in this thread is apt. Dude wins a three fights to win the K-1 championship in December 2010, then says, essentially, "I want to stay here for new years and fight" and they fly out Todd Duffee who Overeem destroys in a matter of moments.

Definitely looking like a beast.
1/10/11 3:09:48PM
I love Fedor and he's capable of finishing a fight at any time, but he was unbeaten and never got knocked off, and that's the only reason he was ever near the top, one loss for him is like Boise State losing, you are no longer in the title picture. Overeem is at the top where he belongs but he hasn't beaten anybody at heavyweight yet, this has a chance to be his true coming out party but I think he'll fall along the way. I mean Barry lost to submission experts like Cro Cop, and Hague, he knows kickboxing and that's all he knows.
1/10/11 3:20:54PM
He needs to fight a top 10 heavy weight
1/10/11 8:04:45PM
I would love to See Carwin vs Overeem
1/11/11 7:00:00AM
He has not really been in trouble on his feet since Badr Hari did a number on him on in K1. Dude is a beast but would like to see how he gets on fighting off his back.
1/11/11 11:25:45AM
Show him I want to see him!!
2/27/11 8:37:23PM
Overeem for UFC? maybe if he wasnt a kickboxer...
2/27/11 10:14:09PM

Posted by TS92turbo

Overeem for UFC? maybe if he wasnt a kickboxer...

The guy has 46 fights in MMA, and has been fighting in MMA since 1999. He has 14 fights in kickboxing and 9 of those were after 2009. So...he is an MMA fighter, and said he doesn't really want to do K1 right now, nor has he said he did not want to fight in the UFC. Not only that, Dana White has expressed a lot of interest in Alistair.
2/28/11 3:02:39PM

Posted by postman

I would love to See Carwin vs Overeem

that fight would be crazy. My first gut instinct is to go with Overeem but I think if Shane could catch him early he's got a good chance of taking it.
It would be interesting to see Carwin fight a guy with the striking pedigree of Overeem and on the flipside a good test to see how Overeem fairs at HW against a guy with knockout power with wrestling credentials.
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