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6/3/08 1:11:58PM
I was just wondering if someone can explain to me how a parlay bet works. And also if I ran out of money am i done for the season?
6/3/08 1:40:54PM
How it works is simple: You pick a certain number of fighters on a card (minimum 2, maximum 4) who you think will win and place a separate bet on them (you do not have to make a regular wager on them). If ALL fighters you chose win their fights, you win. If ANY fighter you chose loses, you lose. I know there was a limit of half your total bankroll as parlay bets at first, not sure if that's still in place. As for running out of money, you just have to make some correct picks as you get bonus money for that.
6/3/08 1:48:29PM
Alright thanks. So do you have to put money on the guy first and then parlay or do you just parlay and if you get it right it gives you a certain amount of money.
6/3/08 1:49:08PM
Nevermind I found it.
6/3/08 5:42:18PM
ummmmmm all of that info was on the wagers page but wtf you have a $0 bankroll so may have to wait before you can make a parlay
6/3/08 10:54:53PM
So if you hit $0 are you unable to continue betting? I got like $300 in secondary league and at the rate I'm goin I'll be broke after the next event.
6/3/08 10:57:22PM
Na buddy you win money with every correct pick
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