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1/24/08 10:58:03PM
If you pick a guy in a parlay but put money on the other guy because of the odds is that considered betting on the same fight twice.

IS this against the rules????
1/25/08 1:22:14AM
Nope, you're allowed to do that. The only thing you can't do is put money on both fighters on the same fight, outside the parley. The Parley money is lost if you get one fight wrong, and if you get the parley right, you lost the money you bet on the other guy, so its not always wise to do this, but with heavy underdogs, its not always a bad idea.
1/26/08 7:55:22PM
Ok, so the Parlay option started with UFC 80? I didn't notice it until AFTER UFC 80 was over and was wondering how long this has been an option. I saw some dude made like 50K on the first event of the season, and my first thought was someone hacked into the website!! :)

I think the parlay feature makes betting MUCH more exciting!

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