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6/22/08 11:39:55AM
I was looking at the top earners from last nights event and I am confused.

The #2 earner for last nights event was BerserkDru. He placed a $1,000 parlay bet on K.Grove (+170), D.Mcfederies(-115), and M.Riddle (-110) and won $70,000. How is that possible?
6/22/08 11:53:16AM
This does seem awfully strange. I wish I could go back and put in those numbers to see if it is really correct. That seems pretty high to me.
6/22/08 11:57:20AM
I placed a similar bet on the next UFC and it showed I would win around 9-10,000. I am not a mathematics professor but this is not correct. Any mod or admin. that would like to help explain this? Also since I found this error can you just give me the money . ha ha ha
6/22/08 2:11:48PM
Yup, that's definitely messed up.
6/22/08 2:32:38PM
It's based on who wagers on whom within the playground.

Here is what is posted in the info section. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but then again playground is only using in house calculations.

How does a parlay wager work?

A parlay is a single wager that links together two or more individual bets, and depends on all of those wagers winning together. The benefit of making a parlay bet is that there are much higher payoffs than placing each individual bet separately since the difficulty of hitting it is much higher. If any of the bets in the parlay loses, the entire parlay loses.

How do you calculate your odds?

In an effort to make our wagering system easy to understand and use for inexperienced bettors we have attempted to make a game that doesn't give too many potentially confusing options, doesn't require intimate knowledge of sports betting terminology, and can be "figured out" simply by entering wager amounts.

It may be a far less sophisticated simulation than the systems you are familiar with, and is based entirely off of MMA Playground fantasy game user data, thus the odds you see for a fight may not always match the odds presented by popular, real life sports books.

Please note: Your wagers are final once the event is locked out. Until then you may update your wagers as you see fit.

Why change the wagering system from the way it was for season 1?

By making the system house-based and resetting bankrolls we...

1. put all players are on a level playing field

2. can give per-event and season prizes for this part of the game because the playing field is even

3. have made wagering less tedious and less time-consuming; players will no longer have to find others to wager with and wait for replies

4. eliminate duplicate account wager manipulators that were betting against themselves

5. save our moderators the time and trouble of policing wagers after every event to put the ban-hammer down on the people from #4
6/22/08 3:55:54PM
Soooo is there is a mod or admin that would like to help me understand this?
6/23/08 12:25:07AM

Posted by jimmypockets

Soooo is there is a mod or admin that would like to help me understand this?

6/23/08 3:30:28AM
Just took a look this parlay. It definitely is screwed up. Hope somebody see this and fixes it.
6/23/08 3:36:02AM
Found a few parlay calculators. Here is one with the numbers put in. Please look into this mods. Greatly Appreciated.
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6/23/08 6:32:24AM
Maybe he picked Cale as his 4th. When they canceled the bout I think they factored that into his parlay cause they did the same thing if you picked Lawler for CBS EliteXC

Edit: Yup just put +640 (Cale's odds) in the calculator and it came out to $70,312
6/23/08 7:28:11AM
WTF how could it still figure him in???

This happened recently when JZ got DQ'd and they just recalculated them with the remaining fighters

Must be a glitch in the system cos its all automatic, maybe a mod forgot to tick a box somewhere, sure they will rectofy it
6/23/08 9:18:54AM
I am sure it is a glitch but what is concerning is the fact that not one mod or admin has replied or fixed it. You can post what color CB Dollaways sorts are on the TUF and a mod will rant and rave for hours but when you fnd a problem on their end, they are not that quick to respond. Maybe this will get them here.........................AMIR beat CB at the TUF finale.
6/23/08 10:49:29AM
CB is a ******* homosexual faggot ------> Wonder if that will get them in here.
6/23/08 11:11:43AM

Posted by Biggee

CB is a ******* homosexual faggot ------> Wonder if that will get them in here.

Saying something like this will only get you banned.

Edit: Deleted
6/23/08 12:14:30PM
MMA Playground Game Talk
This is the place to talk about your picks, house wagers, and other community related discussions. If need support or would like to leave feedback please contact us, do not post it here.

They've been pretty up front about what you need to do if you need support.
6/23/08 12:22:18PM
Edit: Deleted
6/23/08 12:37:58PM
A moderator can't fix this problem. It requires the attention of a system administrator. If it's obvious then why are you posting the problem here?

In my experience, if you use the "contact us" link, you don't get a response, but the problem is fixed.

I didn't post a request for support in the Badges thread, and if I had it would have been incorrect.

You can argue with me if you want, but it gets you no closer to having the problem addressed.
6/23/08 12:46:20PM
Edit: Deleted
6/23/08 12:55:04PM
I hear ya.

Generally, the admins are good about fixing things. I asked them to fix something much more trivial than the parlay thing (it was a site layout issue). I think if the game mechanics are just flat-out wrong like this (as opposed to something like betting odds discussions, which are more open to interpretation), it will be corrected.

6/23/08 1:30:21PM
B_Goetz: you're right, so I just deleted my previous posts and contacted Admin... we'll see what happens.
6/23/08 1:34:41PM
Personally, I think the bigger issue is, what form of drooling retard would actually PLACE a parlay bet like that?

Grove, McFedries, and Riddle?

The rich kind I guess...

6/23/08 5:24:04PM
well I left feedback yesterday concerning this and the problem hasn't been fixed and I haven't been contacted. I will continue to wait patiently for the Admin to protect the integrity of ths website....
6/24/08 12:13:33AM
I'm hopping they will address this.. :)
6/24/08 1:16:22PM
The programming for the entire parlay wagering system is fairly heavy (for me at least). I'm working on it, and will have everything up to snuff before the next UFC, have no fear.
6/24/08 4:38:44PM

Posted by DoTheMMAth

The programming for the entire parlay wagering system is fairly heavy (for me at least). I'm working on it, and will have everything up to snuff before the next UFC, have no fear.

Thanks a lot! You're the man.
6/24/08 5:37:21PM
Yes thank you for your professionalism in addressing this issue. In 2 days you are the only one that responded. At least 1 of you undrstands and respects the fact that the people that visit this site and participate in the site are the ones most important to the site. MIght want to address that issue at the next Admin meeting. Ha Ha
6/24/08 10:10:12PM
Thanks so much for addressing this. I've been coming to this site since the beginning and appreciate all the hard work.
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