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4/9/08 9:20:23AM
I just cant figure out how to use it...can anyone explain it to me?
4/9/08 9:44:19AM
It's kinda simple-if you've ever seen horse racing with bets like exactas, daily doubles, etc. it's the same thing. If not it works like this:
1-You pick 2-4 fighters from a card that you think will win. Check the box next ot the fighter you want to win. You can't pick more than 4 fighters and must pick at least 2.
2-At the bottom of the wager form enter an amount in the box next to "Parlay wager/bet". You cannot wager more than half your total bankroll.
3-If ALL fighters that are part of a parlay win their fight, you win the total amount shown next to your bet (displayed when you enter your wager).
4-If ANY fighter that is part of a parlay loses their fight, you lose your parlay bet.

Edit: I'll use the upcoming UFC 83 as an example of how it works:
I've made a $300 parlay bet on Jason Day at +390 and Demian Maia at +100. If both Day and Maia win their fights, I'd be paid at a little under 9-1, winning $2640 on my $300 bet. But if either fighter loses, even if the other fighter wins, I lose my $300.
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