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6/6/07 10:57:05PM

Here’s a snip from Parisyan:

“I would love to fight Fitch. I’ll fight anybody at 170. I took the Josh Burkman fight. He was ranked top 10 in the world. Anyone who’s top 10, I’ll fight. Even me beating Jon Fitch, and I fight him and I beat him, I don’t gain anything. He’s a tough guy. I’m not underestimating Fitch. But still, I don’t gain anything beating Fitch, but I would fight Fitch. I want to fight for a title.”

Fitch will be in action less than one week from today against Roan Carneiro at UFC Fight Night 10 on June 12 at the Seminole Hotel Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. With a win in front of a national television audience on Spike television, it would no doubt do wonders for his name recognition among casual fans.

It would also help build an insane showdown between two top fighters at 170.
6/6/07 11:01:18PM
I would love to see this fight. It would be good to determine #3 title contender with the winner fighting the loser of GSP vs Koscheck. It sucks that so many people in the WW division deserve a title shot and yet now they have to wait even longer because Hughes gets the next title shot.
6/6/07 11:30:58PM
Fitch by decision.
6/7/07 7:58:41AM
Book this fight yesterday.
6/7/07 12:30:45PM
I heart judo throws
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