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12/8/08 7:24:32AM
Meant to post these yesterday but didn't get a chance to, several title changes and more:
Lightweight King of Pancrase
Katsuya Inoue (17-6-3) defeated Koji Oishi (17-8-5) via unanimous decision to win the title

Bantamweight King of Pancrase
Manabu Inoue (7-5-1) defeated Seiya Kawahara (6-1) by rear naked choke (4:44-R2) to become the inaugural champion

Welterweight King of Pancrase
Takuya Wada (18-8-9) defeated Masahiro Toryu (6-4-4) via unanimous decision to win the undisputed title (Wada formerly was interim champion)

Welterweight Tournament Final
Tomoyoshi Iwamiya (6-7) defeated Hiroyuki Nozawa (6-4-2) via unanimous decision

Ichiro Kanai (9-9-3) defeated Daijiro Matsui (10-25-4) by arm triangle choke (2:25-R1)
Rin Nakai (5-0) defeated Tomomi Sunabe (12-9) by TKO (1:33 -R1)
Stanislav Nedkov (4-0) defeated Masayuki Kono (3-5) by TKO (1:35-R1)
Hirotoshi Saito (2-0-1) fought Tashiro Nishiuchi (9-5-9) to a draw
Daisuke Hanazawa (11-9-5) defeated Maximo Blanco (1-1, 1 NC) by arm triangle choke (2:19-R2)
Isao Hirose (4-0) defeated Tokuaki Ninomiya (3-4) via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card

Shingo Suzuki (2-0) defeated Makoto Kawawa (1-4) by armbar (1:13-R1)
Isao (0-0-1) fought Yuki Takushige (0-0-1) to a draw
Pitan (1-0) defeated Takanori Iwamoto (0-1) by armbar (2:00-R2)
Masaru Ueda (1-0) defeated Taro Shimazaki (2-2-1) by TKO (0:28-R1)
Masakazu Takafuji (2-1) defeated Takeshi Egami (0-1) by armbar (2:12-R1)
Hiroyuki Nakajima (1-0) defeated Takanori Saito (0-1) by triangle choke (3:47-R1)
Takashi Nakamura (1-0) defeated Kago Yamana (0-1) by KO (3:53-R2)

From Mania: "There were originally 18 fights set to go down until Yuki Yashima (2-4-1) was attacked by a knife wielding maniac, effectively putting a stop to his scheduled bout with Yasutomo Tanaka (5-2-4).

Only in Japan." Iwamiya has probably earned a title shot via his tournament win.
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