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4/9/07 11:26:53AM

Lightweight Bout: Seigo Inoue defeated Tokita by armbar at 4:02 of rd 2.
Welterweight Bout: Yohei Sakamoto vs. Norihito Yagi was judged a draw.
Lightweight Bout: Kouhei Tokeshi vs. Taishi Mochizuki was judged a draw.
Featherweight Bout: J. Taro Takita defeated Kanna Kenwa by decision.
Featherweight Catch Wrestling Rules Bout: Takafumi Shiroma defeated Nakazato Takayuki by rear naked choke at 2:33 of rd 1.
Neo Blood Tournament Featherweight Bout: Miyagi Yuichi defeated Asano Michihisa by unanimous decision.
Featherweight Bout: Naoji Fujimoto vs Tatsuya So was judged a draw.
Featherweight Bout: Mitsuhisa Sunabe defeated Takumi Murata by decision.

4/9/07 9:44:24PM
Thanks man.
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