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8/8/09 2:53:55PM
Pancrase ran earlier today with the Neo-Blood Tournament Finals, 2 title fights, and an appearance by the Openweight King Of Pancrase. Results via Japan-MMA:
Neo-Blood Tournament Finals:
Flyweight: Kiyotaka Shimizu beat Yuichiro Yajima by unanimous decision.
Bantamweight: Ryota Sasaki beat Nobuhiro Yoshitake by unanimous decision.
Featherweight: Shigeyuki Uchiyama beat Yo Saito by unanimous decision.
Lightweight: Isao Kobayashi beat Hiroshi Toyama by TKO at 2:02 of round 1.

Eriya Matsuda beat Kenichi Serizawa by TKO at 2:02 of round 1.

Tashiro Nishiuchi vs. Tomonari Kanomata went to a Draw.

Masahiro Toryu vs. Kosei Kubota went to a Draw.

Kenji Arai beat Takumi Murata by unanimous decision.

Koji Oishi beat Felipe Olivieri by majority decision.

Maximo Blanco beat Lightweight King Of Pancrase Katsuya Inoue by TKO at 4:38 of round 2 to become THE NEW LIGHTWEIGHT KING OF PANCRASE!

Middleweight King Of Pancrase Izuru Takeuchi vs. Takenori Sato went to a Draw. As a result, Takeuchi retains the title.

Main Event: Yuki Kondo beat Kim Ki-Beom by TKO at 1:52 of round 1.

The aforementioned Openweight King Of Pancrase, Josh Barnett, appeared after the 7th fight. He said next time he appears in Pancrase he wants to fight. Also said he'll appear tomorrow (today Japan time) for IGF (wrestling).
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