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4/6/09 8:47:07AM
This event ran yesterday opposite DREAM 8, said to be an interesting event with a title fight as the main event with some other notable names from recent DREAM & Sengoku events. Results:
Shigeki Osawa beat Hideo Matsui by unanimous decision.
Tashiro Akai beat Hirotoshi Saito by TKO at 58 seconds of round 2.
Hiroki Aoki beat Yuichi Akari by TKO at 1:53 of round 1.
Isao Hirose beat Takeyasu Hirono by unanimous decision.
Takuya Eizumi beat Yuichiro Sakai by TKO. Finsihing round/time not available.
Masahiro Toryu vs. Seiki Ryo was declared a No Contest. Toryu unable to continue after a low blow.
Takenori Sato beat Ichiro Kanai by majority decision.
Koji Oishi vs. Maximo Blanco went to a Draw.
Welterweight King Of Pancrase Takuya Wada beat Tomoyoshi Iwamiya by majority decision to retain the title.
4/6/09 8:55:11AM
Man, I love watching Maximo Blanco.

I'm surprised he wasn't able to get a nice addition to his introductory highlight reel in a promotion like Pancrase. Hopefully he rebounds when he fights in Sengoku again.
4/6/09 9:28:57AM
Speaking of which, Japan-MMA is reporting that Sengoku LW Champion Satoru Kitaoka will be at the Pancrase event on 6/7 for a non-title fight. His opponent is Yukio Sakaguchi.
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