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POLL: Can Palhares be UFC middleweight champ?
Yes 28% (12)
No 72% (31)
8/26/09 7:54:10PM
I think Rousimar Palhares will someday be the UFC middleweight champion. What do you think?
8/26/09 8:22:47PM
I don't feel overly impressed by him...I don't know his record off hand but I don't think he would get by Hendo..or Maia...or Nate...and they are certainly the top three right now not counting throw Vitor in the mix...I chances are not great...but one never knows
8/26/09 8:41:55PM
Even in defeat to Henderson I was really impressed with his chin and had there been 15-30 more seconds at the end of the round Rousimar wouldve broke Dan's leg or he taps. The fight that made me sour on his chances to be a title contender was the Horn fight, not to take anything away from Horn that was probably the most impressive hes been in a long time. Palharres showed a lack of cardio and he was almost submitted by Horn at one point, and he looked lost when he couldnt finish Horn. I still think he looks a little uncomfortable in there, maybe its time to move to an American camp and fine tune the wrestling.
8/26/09 9:24:27PM
i doubt it
8/26/09 10:50:25PM
If Henderson Narquardt and Silva retire early.
8/26/09 10:59:36PM
Id give somebody with his skills on the ground a shot anyday, but I just dont see it happening. To be honest I dont think that he'll ever get a title shot.
8/27/09 12:49:23AM
if he worked extensivley on his Cardio, and got more agressive with his strikes, that added to his Power and JJ i could see him getting in the #1 Contender spot and possibly grabbing the title.
8/27/09 1:43:23PM
He has a whole hell of a lot of work to do on his standup before he has a reasonable chance to win the title IMO. He does have amazing leglocks, but his standup is some of the worst in the entire organization at any weight. Against Henderson he was basically just diving in from 4 feet away over and over again. It was a really painful fight to watch.
8/27/09 9:39:52PM
Who cares? I want Maia to lose so they can set up Maia vs. Palhares. I don't care what anybody says that fight would be badass.
8/27/09 9:54:14PM

Posted by IriShame

Who cares? I want Maia to lose so they can set up Maia vs. Palhares. I don't care what anybody says that fight would be badass.

Exactly what I think
8/27/09 10:06:16PM
He seems inept on his feet.
8/28/09 9:31:47PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i doubt it

I agree, He seems a little 1-D right now and I suspect he is not going to expand his repertoire that extensively.
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