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8/8/08 6:43:56PM

Posted by jgtribbett
having the best performance ever against silva

technically Ryo Chonan or Matsui has the best performance against Anderson ever......just sayin
8/8/08 9:56:15PM
Hendo may be in his thirtees, but that doesn't matter. Some fighters actually pick up their game late in their career. I don't think its fair to make that determination until a fighter is starting to lose consistently. This is a man that went the distance with Rampage two fights ago. C'mon, give the man a chance. I say Hendo's wrestling is still on a sick level, a level that most cant match. Dan 2nd round KO.
8/9/08 12:49:32AM

Posted by jgtribbett

they arent gonna boot the only guy with two major titles in a major org out of the ufc for loosing a decesion title fight and having the best performance ever against silva.

even if dan looses.. he stays..

i'm on the line.. i personally think UFC "guides" fights and there outcomes so i never know who to pick .. but statistically.. unless dan gets winded and in a sub... no way palhares can compete at his level...

dan 3rd tko

Guides fights? elaborate. I would be really upset to think that MMA was Pro Wrestling jr. Although that would explain Dana......
8/9/08 12:51:02AM
chonan's finish of silva is my favorite finish ever. Especially since A.S went on to such great things.....
8/9/08 4:44:58PM
Henderson by ground and pound of the round2
8/14/08 4:53:35PM
I think Dan's going to catch him with a Straight Right Hand, A similar Knockout to Dan vs Chonan
8/15/08 5:04:02PM
The more I review this fight, the less I feel Henderson will win it. I've still got him picked right now, but Toquinho is so fast. If he gets hold of one of Hendo's legs, he's gonna break it off. With as much as Hendo likes to grapple, its gonna make for several opportunities for Palhares to win.
8/16/08 1:15:14AM
Really excited for this fight, and while I'm pulling for Hendo, I'd really like to see Palhares move up the ranks closer to Silva. I think Toquinho has one of the best chances to beat the Spider.

I think if Hendo plays it smart and uses his wrestling to keep the fight on the feet, we'll see Palhares ghet stopped via TKO. If Hendo fails to do so, I can very well see Palhares submtting Hendo. All in all, this should be a great match.
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