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12/13/07 10:24:53PM
Hello again.
I wanted to ask you guys if anyone has ever come across this.

When I work out sometime when I push myself really hard, usually after I start whaling on the heavy bag with kicks and punches I get a horrible pain in my ribs. at first I though it was because I wasn't breathign properly, but the last month I have made a conscious effort to push out my breath with each strick.

Neverthe less, as I say when I push myself hard, I get this terrific pain in my ribs. If you place your right hand over your right nipple and slide your hand down and hook your fingers under your ribcage, right there where your middle and ring finger are grabbing, this is where I feel it.
It's a total show-stopper. I am forced to rest until it subsides, but once it comes on, it will alway return until I am fully rested. maybe 30 minutes or so.

I have not been to the doctor yet.
12/13/07 11:08:58PM
Do you have any formal training?
12/13/07 11:39:17PM

Sounds like a side stitch to me. Is it the actual rib bone or underneath it?

Stopping a Side Stitch
To stop a side stitch when running, stop running and place your hand into the right side of your belly and push up, lifting the liver slightly. Inhale and exhale evenly as you push up.

Preventing a Side Stitch
To prevent a side stitch, take even, deep breaths while running. Shallow breathing tends to increase the risk of cramping because the diaphragm is always slightly raised and never lowers far enough to allow the ligaments to relax. When this happens the diaphragm becomes stressed and a spasm or "stitch" is more likely.

Some other ways to alleviate the pain of a side stitch include:

Time your eating. Having food in your stomach during a workout may increase cramping by creating more force on the ligaments (avoid eating one to two hours before a workout)
Stretching may prevent or relieve a cramp. Raise your right arm straight up and lean toward the left. Hold for 30 seconds, release, then stretch the other side.
Slow down your pace until pain lessens.
Breathe deep to stretch the diaphragm.
Drink before exercise; dehydration can increase muscle cramps.
Massage or press on the area with pain. Bend forward to stretch the diaphragm and ease the pain.
* If you continue to experience pain, see your doctor.

If it is indeed your rib, it could be a number of things

Broken rib
Rib cartilage injury
Rheumatoid arthritis
Multiple myeloma
Chronic steroid use
Muscle aggravation/injury
Anxiety/stress (see Anxiety)
Lung inflammation
Asbestos exposure
Lung cancer
See also other cause of chest pain
Rib injury
Chest injury
12/14/07 7:07:41AM
I have no formal training, and yes the pain is actually under the rib, not the rib itself.

Thanks alot for the tips rush, I will try them out today.
12/14/07 1:51:00PM

Posted by saemskin

I have no formal training, and yes the pain is actually under the rib, not the rib itself.

Thanks alot for the tips rush, I will try them out today.

No problem. Hopefully something works out for you.
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