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POLL: Will Chris Leben Face Maia At UFN 22?
Yes, He Steps Up & Fight Happens 41% (18)
No, He Doesn't Step Up 16% (7)
No, Dana Won't Let Him 27% (12)
No, Maia Refuses Fight 0% (0)
No, Texas Won't Approve 2% (1)
No, Because Of DON KING!! 14% (6)
8/1/10 2:33:51PM
As you might've noticed already, Alan Belcher's off UFN 22 so Demian Maia needs a replacement opponent. The search is on, but surely the first name that comes to mind since it's a MW fight is Chris Leben. Think he'll step up again?
(Meant to put this poll in the News thread but forgot to so I put it here)

And for those wondering, Leben is still on medical suspension from UFC 116 but the suspension is to end Tuesday.
8/1/10 2:56:01PM
Man I'd be incredibly impressed if he did this. You gotta remember, too... this guy lives in Hawaii so that's a lot of travel on top of short training camps. Some may not think travel is a big deal but those huge flights usually take a day or two at least to recover from and get back into a normal routine.

There's got to be other MW's jonesing for a fight. IMO this might not be a terrible fight for someone like Aaron Simpson whose wrestling could potentially control where the fight takes place and who could probably also outstrike Maia. It's definitely winnable and one he should considering stepping up to take IMO
8/1/10 3:00:42PM
I doubt Leben does, he prolly needs to get some RR first.
8/1/10 3:30:49PM
If he's physically able to, I think he will. He's got 6 weeks from right now and he was able to resume contact as of a week ago, so although it's on the short end it's probably enough time for a decent camp. And if he can take down Maia after he just beat Akiyama, he's definitely earned no worse than a #1 contender's fight (it would be his 4th straight win).
8/1/10 4:57:57PM
Are you kidding? Of course Leben takes this fight. The upside if he wins is HUGE! Maia was a #1 contender and is still one of the most respected middleweights in the UFC. If Leben should lose this, oh well. Short notice, 3rd fight in around 2 months, and Maia is at the top of the heap. A loss wouldn't set Leben back that much.

Leben talked about being a company man, wanted to be on great terms with the Zuffa brass. Well guess what? This will MORE than accomplish that!

Leben vs. Maia....Makes too much sense not to happen
8/1/10 5:10:28PM
I just don't think they are going to even offer it to him. No need to shorten a fighter's longevity, especially a fighter like Leben who never fails to put his nuts on the line and make a fight exciting. I think Leben's next fight should be either Wandy or Nate. For Maia, lots of MW guys are available and willing. None have to have the best record right now as it is on short notice and Maia did just lose his fight with Silva. It wll be a step back in the right direction for Maia or a huge chance for another game opponent to get a big step up on the competition. It's a no lose situation in the MW Div until it comes to a title fight.
8/1/10 6:09:54PM
If the UFC makes the call Chris Leben will answer. . . . WAR LEBEN!
8/1/10 7:22:55PM
Well, other than the people Maia has already fought, the only other ones free right now for the fight are Grove and Cote unless they want Okami, Munoz, or Sonnen to turn around again and fight.

Leben is definetly the most logical choice right now unless I'm missing someone, unless they get someone not currently on the roster, or unless they can talk Vitor Belfort into it.
8/1/10 7:46:56PM
If Sonnen beats Silva, that's not happening-he'll almost certainly get Belfort. If Vitor doesn't get his title shot he'll probably walk.
8/1/10 10:08:26PM
IF leben takes the fight, Leben via TKO and then soon Leben might be calling out Anderson Silva like everyone else is except he has already been bitten by the spider.
8/2/10 12:12:21AM
I doubt leban takes it. It could be simpson or okami
8/2/10 2:07:18AM
Yeah, now I'm thinking perhaps Okami.
8/2/10 3:16:15AM
he would take the fight without a doubt, however i dont see dana giving it to him. lebens an animal though and does have a chance of taking it to maia. i would say that maia would sub him in the second rnd though.
8/29/10 2:40:12AM
No one who lives on MMA with a wrestling background would want to fight Maia. He is a ground king. Props to Mario for surviving it.
8/29/10 11:18:39AM
I could see him willing to take the fight, but I would rather see the fight with Silva. Those two would have a war. But this is the type of thing Leben does so I'm sure if they ask him he'd take it in a second.
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