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9/28/08 12:54:52AM
I just got off of work closing my store for the night. I stoped to pick up my 12 pack(of bluemoon) for tomorrows NFL games. As I pull out the case of beer from my trunk the unthinkable happens I lost my grip and droped not one but all 12 of my wonderful beers. Well the god must have been watching cause none were broke and a few tops were damaged which now means I will be sitting here drinking 5 beers. What a way to almost ruin my night and tomorrow but end the night well with a couple of good beers.
9/28/08 12:59:08AM
Nice story.

Glad none of them were broke dude
9/28/08 1:04:08AM
thanks man I about sh!t my pants all the people around me hard an AHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU********KKKKKKKKKKKKKk
9/28/08 2:07:46AM
I love Blue Moon, last time i dropped a 12 pack though the bottles were so cold that they shattered, and my drunk ass decided i was going to grab em and try and pick em up cause my buddies were waiting in the car outside... well needless to say the neck of one bottle sliced my right ring finger open and partially due to the degree of the cut and partially due to the fact that my blood was thinned due to the consumption of alcohol the cut started gushing all over the place... glad to hear that you salvaged some of yours though. Blue Moon is simply too good to go to waste. I also enjoy the Full Moon (winter brew) and i've never tried it but my buddy had good things to say about the seasonal Harvest Moon. has a hint of pumpkin i think.
9/28/08 2:20:44AM
yes Harvest Moon is f*cking great I have been pounding that the past few weeks then went to the Blue I might pick up a few more Harvest Moon cases before there gone sh!t flys out the door even though its made down the road I still find it amazing it started at Coors field how many ball packs can lay fame to having one of the best beers out there anyway Im glad to have em and finished the last one and ready form more but I can wait to finish the rest my Broncos hopefuly will be 4-0 and will make finishing the case that much better.
9/28/08 3:09:06AM
yeh Harvest Moon is an awesome game lol
9/28/08 11:17:41AM
If this would have happened to me you guys would have known immediately. The world over would hear a loud


But, luckily for you all the beers weren't ruined
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