P4P as we know it will change!

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6/28/10 8:36:55AM
by Jason Kelly

You can be positive after Saturday nights Strikeforce event the top 10 P4P (pound-for-pound) list in everyone’s mind will change, Fedor Emelianenko losing to Fabricio Werdum a week before Shane Carwin challenges Brock Lesnar for his strap is going to shake up the rankings like we’ve never seen. Fedor was held in the #1 spot by many for a long time due to the fact that he won 27 straight fights, technically he never lost until Saturday, and he gave UFC haters a hero however, the rest of MMA accused Fedor of fighting “cans” otherwise known as lesser opponents, in recent years just to stay undefeated. Saturday June 26th proved different though as Emelianenko lost his first bout in almost 10 years thus making way for a new P4P king.

Losing one fight doesn’t automatically knock a fighter out of the polls however, in Fedor’s case, many MMA fans have been waiting to move him down in rankings, out of the first or second spot he generally held on most ranking list on the grounds of his lack-luster competition over the last 5 years. Fighters such as GSP and Anderson Silva have been juggled in the top 3 P4P slots along with Fedor but, making a solid #1 has been difficult because Silva and GSP have been fighting the best fighters in recent years. But Emelianenko has virtually never lost and has debunked a number of worthy foes. If Anderson defeats Chael Sonnen come August he could solidify the number one spot, with a 12 fight win streak, 7 title defenses to his repertoire currently while outmaneuvering most of the best fighters in 2 weight divisions.

There is also GSP who hasn’t lost in 7 fights with 4 title defenses. If it wasn’t for a slight bump named Matt Serra I think St. Pierre would be #1 on more lists than he already is, Georges is young enough to riffle off a lot more victories but he has to start finishing people to embody the P4P crown.

Saturday July 3rd Carwin and Brock will collide, no doubt the winner will move up the list causing the first of the shuffling. If Carwin is the victor, he catapults to top 3 as he is currently undefeated with 12 first round KO’s. Brock would own the #1 HW rank with a win therefore he would have to go up on most P4P lists.

Jose Aldo is someone who can’t go unmentioned. Aldo winning 10 straight, a title defense and only one career loss has to be acknowledged as a top 5 P4P fighter, upon Fedor losing Aldo may increase in ranking. Granted that Jose is successful in his next fight and Silva were to lose, Aldo could jump to the 2nd or 3rd spot in the near future. There are also fighters such as Nick Diaz, BJ Penn, and ShoGun floating around the 5th rank, with the right win anyone of them could break into the top 3, and when do we start to look at Cyborg Santos as top 10 P4P. She has been destroying whoever stands in front of her while retaining her title.

Fedor was just the beginning of the rankings turning to Jenga, after next Saturday Lesnar and Carwin will undeniably create disruption to the ranks for the reason being they’re heavyweights moreover the greatest heavyweight on most P4P lists has been defeated. Sonnen has the opportunity to disturb the ranks by dethroning Anderson, the ranks would be completely different with the exception of St. Pierre being at 2nd or 3rd who fights Josh Koscheck in December, if that results in a loss for Georges every P4P list would look entirely different than it has for the last few years.
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