P4P king Anderson Silva speaks with his strikes

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7/19/08 6:51:15PM
LAS VEGAS – Anderson Silva has been one of the elite mixed martial arts fighters in the world for the past 18 months or so.

He hasn't been a star, though, until recently.

But on Thursday, the large media scrum that squeezed in tightly to hear Silva's every utterance was symbolic of his rise to stardom.

Fighting talent and box-office appeal don't always go hand-in-hand and some of the game's best fighters frequently are poor draws. But Silva compensated for his lack of proficiency in English in front of an entirely English-speaking media by grinning and grunting and grimacing to captivate an audience that couldn't understand a word he said.

The UFC middleweight champion will move up to light heavyweight on Saturday to meet rugged James Irvin in a nationally televised card on Spike TV from The Pearl at The Palms Theater.

7/19/08 7:22:50PM
this was posted like 2 days ago i will try to find link

Edit: yup http://www.mmaplayground.com/forums/topic22297-1.html
7/20/08 2:03:40AM
more like spoke with a punch
7/20/08 9:11:36AM
fedor is p4p king
7/20/08 11:55:16AM

Posted by Aether

fedor is p4p king

Yeah that headline should be changed.
7/20/08 12:45:42PM

Posted by Aether

fedor is p4p king

No shit. All those Fedor haters can now shut up.
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