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12/15/08 1:27:13PM
Hey guys I just went to an amazing Ozomatli concert this weekend in SF. Chali Tuna was there performing with them and I was in the front row, it was awesome! just wondering if anyone else on here listens to them and if you haven't got a chance to check them out do it, also try and see them live it is amazing. It was the second time I've seen them and the first with Tuna, defenitly try to go when he's there but they are great regardless!
12/15/08 1:32:43PM
They're featured in the game "Dance Dance Revoution X" for PS2 (they were involved a lot on putting the game together and choosing music, and their song "Here We Go" is featured). They've got a rather interesting sound.
12/15/08 5:39:03PM
Ozamatli is cool in my book... I think I've seen then at some bigger festival type show, but they all kinda blurr together so it's hard to say... From what I remember they're a band who's music doesn't translate as well to the studio from the live show where they really flourish
12/15/08 6:25:18PM
There politics are as good as their music. Well better actually. I am not much into their style, but they came out of a great tradition. Will-dog is awesome, a really great guy. I don't know him, but I have a lot of friends who are friends with him, esp in LA, and they can't say enough great things about him.

If you really dig 'em, check out how they formed and stuff, it is interesting. Also there is this weird radical music groups connection between them and people in the Coup, system of a down, Tom from Rage/ Audio and so on, along with a bunch of other smaller bands that you likely have never heard of, that is really cool. A lot of new sounds, and a lot of new morals to be had.

If you dig Ozo, you may want to check out Outernational. NYC band in the circle with ozo, they opened for them some, and their lineup has changed lately in not such a good way. But still GREAT politics and a newer sound. I used to live with a few of the guys before they thought they were big time rock-stars and got too cool.