Overeem training hard for rogers

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3/12/10 8:44:21PM

3/12/10 11:23:47PM
Damn both of those Gifs are very one sided. i saw the vid with the little girl. She was having a great time with AO and he kicked once and she stumbled. She stood back up like a trooper and he kicked a "bit" harder and set her on her butt. it was all in fun though I want to like Alistair but he needs to come to the US and fight!
3/13/10 3:40:27PM
3/14/10 7:06:51PM
lol with that kinda training Overeem is gunna rip through Rogers
3/15/10 11:44:04AM
I'm a big fan of unorthodox training. I'm wondering if John Hackleman will adapt that to Liddell, Tiexiera, and Banuelos' training.
3/15/10 4:54:55PM
I really hope Rogers knocks this guy out, never been a fan of his really.
3/16/10 12:17:11PM
That girl is WEAK! Drink some milk honey before you fall over the next time the wind blows damn...
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