Overeem Likely Back To SF This Year

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4/9/09 6:38:04AM
Although he will still fulfill his commitments to other promotions this year, Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem likely will return to the promotion this year to defend his title. He hasn't fought for SF since winning the title in late '07.

4/9/09 10:34:08AM
I wonder who they are going to get to fight him!!!!!!
4/9/09 11:12:21AM
If he wins Saturday, I say Brett Rogers. He's earned it and they probably won't give him Kimbo if he ever signs.
4/9/09 11:45:21AM
Besides Rogers. Who else is there for Overeem to fight in SF. That is atleast legit to fight for the title.
4/9/09 12:43:20PM
At HW, it's really the Rogers-Humphrey winner without bringing in an outsider. Let's not even start on Kimbo.
4/9/09 4:22:03PM
Too bad there is no more Antonio Silva in the US, I wouldnt mind seeing Overeem vs "Big Foot"
4/9/09 5:28:27PM
Maybe they will bring in Werdum for a rematch. I think he is still available and that would be an interesting match. Monson could be a possibility as well. If it does end up being Rogers, Overeem will smash him.
4/9/09 7:22:15PM
Since he's competing in Strikeforce, I hope it is Kimbo Slice. I want to see Ferguson matched up against a fighter that can dominate him easily and humiliatingly in order to steal all the hype that he's received in order to cash in. Somebody needs to make MMA look like a real sport for the casual fans that watch just to see Kevin Ferguson.

Ideally, Overeem shouldn't dawdle around with the Strikeforce heavyweights and, after a rematch with Filipovic, make a jump to UFC or Affliction.
4/9/09 8:30:41PM
As far as I know Kimbo currently is not under SF contract. His deal was picked up when SF acquired EliteXC assets but he hasn't been signed or re-signed. I think he's in the same situation as Gina Carano.
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