Overeem vs Kharitonov III- Who takes it?

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12/17/08 11:00:39AM
Gotta love the rubber match. If their past two fights have told us anything, its that whoever lands that first big flurry of punches/kicks will put the other away, which makes this one harder to predict.

Even though Overeems been getting all the spotlight lately, I think Kharitonov will surprise everyone and catch him with the tko in the first.

12/17/08 11:03:36AM
Overeem has been real tough of late I see him taking this by tko in 2.
12/17/08 11:42:16AM
this is such a hard fight to call. either way i don't think this is going past the first round. right now i'm feeling Overeem KO/TKO probably because of his recent success. i'm probably not going to come to a decision until the last couple minutes before this event is locked in.
12/17/08 11:53:32AM
No idea, both of these guys are great but I'm picking Sergei by cooler entrance.

Plus I think Filipovic showed up to Overeem's fight with his fight with Mirko and we all know Filopovic=fail while Cro Cop=win

btw I'm not bashing Cro Cop I'm stating that Cro Cop IMO just doesn't have what it was that made him a monster anymore.
12/17/08 3:05:02PM
hopefully overeem has been working on his cardio, cuz that what killed him last fight. i dont think it's going to be over in the first round, as both are extremely good strikers which often leads to a stalemate. i'm going to go ahead and say kharitonov 3R tko
12/17/08 4:41:50PM
It's been so long since we've seen Kharitonov and Overeem has looked really good lately. I would've picked Sergei a year ago... now I am not as sure.
12/17/08 8:12:22PM
Overeem rnd 1 Sub.

he is awesome lately!!
12/17/08 10:05:20PM
Kharitonov by ud
12/19/08 2:56:39PM
I think Alistair will try to get this to the ground early and often and might win by UD... But I'm hoping Sergei KO's him again and starts on the road back to relevance in the HW div... The dude is so beast when he wants to be
12/19/08 9:50:04PM
i would really like if overeem signed with the ufc beacuse i think the heavyweight division is a really weak division and overeen would add alot to the division. IMO i think that he could take lesnar and mir.
12/23/08 1:54:13AM
this match is gonna be great..i been a big Overeem fan from the start..he looked great n his match with Cro Cop..until the low blows..if he can keep his knees up and throw em' n combos..this possibly could turn out to be like Overeem vs Paul "Head Hunter"..but i'm not doubtin Kharitonov..but i gotta say Overeem 2nd round...
12/23/08 2:02:50AM
This match is off. Kharitonov had the flu for two weeks and had to cut off his training.
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