SF: Overeem Will Defend Title After K-1

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9/4/09 10:34:26AM
Although no official date has been set, Strikeforce officials report that Alistair Overeem's lingering injuries have finally healed and that, following upcoming fights in K-1 and a planned fight for Golden Glory, he will return to defend his SF Heavyweight Championship. No opponent named yet.

9/4/09 10:59:25AM
Remind me not to hold my breath.

9/4/09 11:23:20AM
Thank you Overeem.

No truely, thank you for doing what you're both contractually and morally obligied to do and defending your belt.

Thank you for going that extra mile and, you know, doing the bearest minimum.

... plus I'll belive it when I see it.
9/4/09 11:35:30AM
I'm really excided to see him in this K1 tourny with the way his 2 K1 fights went I think he has a damn good shot to win it
9/4/09 12:38:41PM
Not this year....bet! There is no date, no opponent, no venue set up yet...plus he has a K-1 match against Aerts that he could get hurt in. Not this year for sure.
9/4/09 1:10:56PM
Ubereem is just going to represent mma and demolish some K1ers
Starting with Aerts and ending in Remy
Then he'll be back in time for Fedor
when Fedor has stopped playing around with exhibition matches and fighters that scrape into top 10
It's all good
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