Overeem applauds Bonjasky for services to acting

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3/27/09 10:56:25PM
On cue, Overeem's girlfriend Anne took to the stage to present a replica ‘Oscar’ statuette to a smiling Bonjasky.

Bonjasky did not miss a beat. "I will put this with all my trophies - the big ones! And Alistair, maybe you should stop the drugs, because you're also getting big. Bigger and bigger - even your clothes don't fit you any more!"

Overeem laughed. “I'm from Holland, everybody in Holland does drugs!"

3/27/09 11:05:36PM
did Overeem just admit to juicing & made props to Bonjasky for calling him out on the massive gains in size
3/27/09 11:17:29PM
i believe he's referring to amsterdam... he's just laughing off bonjasky's accusations
3/27/09 11:35:19PM
I hope Overeem knocks Remy out............and then signs to UFC.
3/27/09 11:36:19PM
I can't wait for this weekend. It's the first time in a while that I feel motivated to see a K-1 event as it's happening.

A matchup between my favorite mixed martial artist and my favorite kickboxer is something I have to see. Overeem's probably overmatched, but here's to hoping he looks good in there.
3/27/09 11:49:14PM

Posted by wapttn

i believe he's referring to amsterdam... he's just laughing off bonjasky's accusations

Could be either, who really cares? No tests he's not doing anything illegal and everyone else has the oppertunity to do the same.
3/28/09 6:09:51AM
overeem will never go to ufc. he would be popped for roids so fast. he got way too big way too fast. you dont just get a growth spurt like that at this point in your life. not imo anyway.
3/28/09 9:27:57AM
Overeem is from where im from Amsterdam the chronic capital of the world!!!! Dude wasnt talkin about juicing thats for sure
3/28/09 9:37:45AM
Bonjaskys main sponsor is green house seeds.

Neither of them are strangers to weed!
Alltough its proboably not the only thing Overeem is using.
3/28/09 9:06:36PM
I can see this thread being shut down. Overeem has never tested postitve for any "roids". inocent until proven guilty.
3/28/09 9:21:35PM
yeah but neither has barry bonds and everyone knows he used roids
sometimes u just know someones on roids
u cant get tht big tht fast
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