Overeem: ''I'll Sign For The UFC When The Money Is Right''

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1/21/09 12:19:37AM
Alistair Overeem is keen on a move to the UFC and will sign with the organisation if offered the appropriate financial incentive.

The Dutch heavyweight had a good year in 2008, manhandling Mirko 'CroCop' Filopovic and stopping K-1 champion Badr Hari under kickboxing rules.

Overeem was ringside at UFC 93 and, when asked by Fighters Only if he would be signing with the organisation, said: "It's possible."

1/21/09 12:22:31AM
I hope so! I think Alistair is my 2nd favorite fighter now..
1/21/09 12:40:31AM

Posted by Mayhem13

I hope so! I think Alistair is my 2nd favorite fighter now..

awww really who's your 6th?
1/21/09 12:52:41AM
Josh Koscheck........
1/21/09 1:22:59AM
Overeem vs Kongo, who's nut's will survive? Because they both destoryed Cro Cop's.
1/21/09 1:27:27AM
^ Haha

I wonder how much he made in the CroCop fight compared to how much he is being offered. I wouldn't think the UFC is offering less than what he would make elsewhere.
1/21/09 2:49:01AM
i think the japenese would offer him more money, since he beat CC and beat badr hari in his own game.
1/21/09 2:53:36AM
I just don't get it, he's only valuble in Holland, and even there he's not a fan favorite. I'm not even sure if the Japanese like him.
1/21/09 4:56:36AM
I dont think Overeem would survive that long tbh, but he should sign with the UFC for sure, build your name up then the big paychecks come, or get to Affliction while you can. He's gotta start fighting top 10s or if anything fight guys like Barry, Kongo, Cain, Hardonk, Dos Santos, Carwin, Gonzaga, Herring, Mir and Brock in the UFC or Werdum, Fedor, Arlovski, Timmah, Sergei, Bigfoot, Rothwell and Cro Cop etc. in some other org.
1/21/09 5:36:40AM
always been a fan of overeem an was really excited to see him talking to dana about joining the ufc on dana's blog
1/21/09 7:40:12AM
The UFC will never throw the money at him that the Japanese or Affliction will.

Max I could see the UFC offering right now is 50 to show and 50 to win, and even that's a stretch.
1/21/09 9:01:52AM
Why would the UFC offer money to a guy who isn't popular in America? I like Overeem and maybe he could do decent money for the European shows but the non-hardcore fans in American don't know and don't care about him. Do you think that the cat cruising through the malls wearing his TapOut hat sideways cares about Overeem, CroCop Soku or any other of the PRIDE failures inside the UFC? Hell no they don't and they won't buy it. True fans are so few when it comes to the grand scheme of things.
1/21/09 10:42:13AM
i say stick to the ring and go with afflication go to the cage he might be another cro cop or shogun
1/21/09 12:08:56PM
Overeem for UFC heavy weight champ thats what I want to see I love alistair he is one of my favourite fighters!!!
1/21/09 1:04:35PM
Overeem has to be the most over rated fighter in the world.
The UFC obviously thinks so too...or he would be signed.
He probably wants some immensely astronomical amount...which he doesn't deserve.
1/21/09 6:33:26PM
he needs to beat someone before he gets the right money.
he's not top 10 hw or lhw. right money??? give me a fukin brake.
1/21/09 10:48:46PM
Even though he beat Hari at his own game, Alistair needs to dominate a top 15 MMA HW before he can start demanding a certain price for his services!!! The only way to do that is to join the UFC or Affliction for a lower price and prove your worth. Apperently he is content fighting in japan against at best B level fighters( outside of Mirko).
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