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12/21/11 10:16:13AM
If Dan Hardy had his way he would have shaved the mohawk by now. Five minutes with some clippers, one quick swoop down the middle of his head, and the signature hairstyle that makes him so recognizable to fight fans could be gone. Maybe then he could blend in. Maybe then he could get a moment to be alone with himself and figure out just what in the hell is going on.

He'd do it if he had it his way. But he doesn't.

It's a UFC fight week in Toronto and Hardy has come at the request of Xyience, a sponsor of his that has him scheduled for autograph signings and fan meet-and-greets all week. And Xyience? You better believe Xyience wants the mohawk. That's because the fans want the mohawk. They expect it. You book Dan Hardy and he shows up with a shaved head, it's like having Carrot Top show up as a blonde.

The fans want the guy they've seen on TV. They want the brash, cocky Brit with the punk rock swagger. But after a rough stretch of four straight losses in the UFC -- a 17-month span that dropped him from top contender to just barely employed -- he's not even sure where that guy went, or if he's ever coming back.

"I don't feel like myself right now," Hardy says.

You look in his eyes and you know he means it. He sits slumped in a plush leather chair in the lobby of a posh downtown Toronto hotel. He speaks so softly you have to lean in close just to hear him. The last thing he wants to do these days is draw attention to himself. He knows what people are thinking. And even if they aren't thinking it, they might as well be, since he hears their accusations in the wordless glances from across the room. It's not just the fans, either.

"I start to feel like other fighters are looking at me like, why is he still in the UFC? And I don't want people looking at me like that."

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12/21/11 10:16:41AM
Nothin' but love for ya, Outlaw!

12/21/11 11:02:55AM
He sounds like a classic case of depression, the way he talks. Hopefully it's just his current mind set and he's not slowly sinking deeper. Wish him the best when he returns.
12/21/11 11:09:09AM

Posted by emfleek

Nothin' but love for ya, Outlaw!

Cant wait to see The Outlaw back in action!!!!!
12/21/11 11:21:13AM
I was wondering what happened to my favorite fighter
12/21/11 12:01:14PM
He could have a 10 fight losing streak and I will always be a huuuge fan!
12/21/11 12:06:48PM
Hopefully he can bounce back. Give him an easier fight just to get some of his confidence back.
12/21/11 1:02:24PM
Love that guy. I hope he comes back in a big way when he does. I love his attitude, and his style. You can tell hes really down right now. He needs to bounce back and i think he will.
12/21/11 1:02:26PM
A serious case of depression can be hard to conquer, and to train and fight at the highest level takes determination and confidence. Hope he can pull through before it's too late.
12/21/11 1:04:05PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

He could have a 10 fight losing streak and I will always be a huuuge fan!

Agreed...he can lose until he retires and i would still always be a fan. its not always about wins and losses.
12/21/11 2:15:06PM
Hardy is as revelant these days as Todd Duffee.
12/21/11 3:38:42PM
Nothing happened to him. He didn't go anywhere.

Turns out he just isn't that good.
12/21/11 4:09:40PM
12/21/11 4:56:29PM
The Outlaw gotta get his mind right
12/21/11 5:29:47PM

Posted by scoozna

He's got the best introduction. I'm a fan.

He's got great heart and it shows. I hope he can bounce back.
12/21/11 6:21:36PM
i really hope he bounces back. ive met him a couple times and he is one of the nicest fighters out there.
12/21/11 7:02:00PM
It's hard not to like the guy. I think what where seeing (though not nearly as extreame) is the same thing that happened in Japan. Their where alot of Japanese fighters who where great fan favirotes but just not "their" so to speak.

I think in a round about way fans get behind European fighters like Hardy much in the same way fans grew to like the Diet Butcher and Takayama.
12/21/11 7:26:15PM
I have become a dan hardy fan the past year plus
I hope he finally gets back on track
12/22/11 12:48:55AM

edit: and it sucks that i saw him get sub'd by Lytle live, went to the show in Milwaukee..disappointed..but it was a kickass fight so i ended up cheering for both..
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