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7/8/08 12:08:15PM

Chris Black's "severe" elbow injury according to Sherdog. This occurred in his fight with Hildred Oliney at "Summerfist 2" in Irvine, CA this past Sunday. Oliney won by TKO due to the injury causing a stoppage at 1:19 of round 1.

To me it looks like some bones had to be completely broken, almost like the arm below the elbow had become completely separated from the rest of the arm above the elbow.
7/8/08 5:49:08PM
that gut is probably thinking they should have let me forrest griffin this guy, I got one good arm
7/8/08 6:38:12PM
that's gross, and that's why i don't have what it takes to be a fighter, i couldn't handle an injury half as bad.
7/8/08 7:34:19PM

Posted by DCRage

"Hmm, thats what that noise was..."
7/8/08 10:23:00PM
Yea, thats just wrong. It does look like its below the elbow. Almost as bad as that one where the guy breaks his leg and then steps down on it after. NASTY
7/8/08 11:54:14PM
HAHA... Am I the only one that laughed at the name of the event??

Summerfist 2... Sounds like an adult film or something....
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