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7/9/07 4:30:10PM
Just wanted to say what's up to everyone. This has got to be one of the better sites out there for MMA. Very complete. Way to go guys. I'm Terry "Garyuu" Parkman. Been studying martial arts for about 23 years in August. And have been teaching a sanctioned MMA style called Jujiden for about 10 years now.
God bless.
7/9/07 11:00:04PM
Welcome aboard. Always cool to get trainers coming in. Never heard of that style, care to elaborate on it?
7/10/07 2:32:55AM
Sure, I myself have 3 black belts or he equivalent and 4 including Jujiden.
Goju-ryu Karate (2nd Dan)
Yoshin Jujutsu (1st Dan)
Muay Thai (Kru)
Jujiden (7th Dan Saikyou)

Jujiden basically plays to the students strengths physically while shorng up their weaknesses along the way. Practicality is what is important and there are too many techniques out there that just don't plain work.

In 1997 I took everything I had learned int he past 23 years and developed a fighting system utilizing various techniques for effective combat. Some techniques are for direct fighting while others are used for development of balance, focus, or strength.

No two Jujiden practitioners look or fight the same. Each of them have developed their own flavor of Jujiden while keeping with the basics of fighting.

Since then I have trained, under contract, both army reserve and national guard.

In 2003 the World Organizers of Martial Arts sanctioned Jujiden as a legitmate fighting system.

It was recognized by the Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2003 and is being recognized by the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame this August along with my accomplishments.

If you're still interested in more info. you can find it at


Currently I'm a minister with the Assemblies of God and I teach Jujiden in the evenings.

Thanks for your interest!
7/10/07 4:07:33AM

Glad to have you.

Anymore paper tigers coming our way??
7/10/07 1:02:01PM

Posted by RollinsisGod


Glad to have you.

Anymore paper tigers coming our way??

Excuse me? I was asked. If what I do intimidates you, you are more than welcome to check up on my background if you have the resources.
7/10/07 2:17:10PM
Just wanted to stop in and say hello, and thanks for the camp invite! Shot you a pm a moment ago.