ortiz gone off ufc 70 now on 71

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3/2/07 5:06:46PM
strange why ortiz is not in uk ufc anyone know why he was moved not sure if its true mma weekly still says chucks fighting rampage same night
3/3/07 5:09:13AM
Dana already stated that Chuck and Rampage will not fight each other at ufc 71. UFC 70 is already loaded and most likely whoever Tito fights will be Main Event status(Jardine, Evans) so they moved it.
3/3/07 6:28:21AM
chucks belt is still up at 71 but we dont know whos he fighting
3/3/07 3:39:30PM
Babalu will be ready (hopefully) by then after he runs through Lambert. I have wanted to see Babalu vs. Tito for a while now.
3/3/07 4:25:22PM
Babalu vs. Tito should be great...I really like Babalu's submissions...he's an exciting fighter to watch.
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