Ortiz Sheds Light On Ibarra-Rampage Breakup!

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9/5/08 10:33:34PM
Ortiz Sheds Light On Ibarra-Rampage Breakup!

In an Interview with PDG, Ortiz had the following to say about 'Rampage' Jackson's firing of trainer Juanito Ibarra:

"Let me explain this to you because it really pisses me off that Ibarra has done what he has done, he is a thief. I have been running training camps for seven years up in Big Bear California and the most that my camp has cost a fighter to attend is $35,000. Ibarra was charging Jackson $65,000 to go to Big Bear. I don't understand that!! He was being very disrespectful and taking advantage of ‘Rampage’. Including travel, training partners, food and lodging, the most ever was $35,000, maybe if you flew in more trainers...$40K. Where did that extra money go that Ibarra was charging? ‘Rampage’ is really pissed and he feels betrayed that he was taken advantage of and I couldn't agree more with him. I don't care if Juanito reads this or hears about it anywhere, he already knows that he is blackballed. I don't care who you are; fighters work very hard for the money they earn and I feel slighted for even knowing Juanito."

Remember that White Chocolate Management (Who also represents Jackson) filed a $10 Million Lawsuit against Ibarra and Jackson for alleged breach of contract by two. Jackson has now all but been removed from the lawsuit since he fired Ibarra.

9/5/08 10:55:39PM
Now Tito not only complains about his money but now other people's money!

If Ibarra was truly ripping off Rampage that would totally be lame.
9/5/08 11:04:41PM
Very interesting.

Also interesting i didnt know it would cost that much to train, tito's 35k's
9/5/08 11:09:56PM
This is why it pisses me off when people say so and so makes enough, how many of us have to pay anywhere near that kind of money just so we can work to make our money? Also this is true, Rampage has talked a bit about it and Juanito should be ashamed and banned from coaching.
9/5/08 11:18:08PM
Wow, Ibarra just seems to be loosing more and more respect as the weeks pass since he started making comments about Griffin. Its going to be hard to him to find guys to manage and train if everybody knows that not only is he abit of a douche, hes also ripping his fighters off. Worst thing is, Rampage was supposed to be his close friend, not just somebody to manage.
9/5/08 11:42:24PM
Rampage talked at length about how someone close to him had betrayed him...it was obvious that it was Ibarra and that it was regarding money, but I don't thing he was gonna call him out. Fortunately, Tito has a big enough mouth for himself and others.
9/6/08 12:22:59AM
i hope kongo drops ibarra and we never have to hear from him again.
9/6/08 3:06:21AM
It's ridiculous. Especially with what Rampage was going through at the time. Ibarra isn't being to smart. Would you want to be on the recieving end of an infamous Quinton Jackson mental breakdown?
9/6/08 4:25:31AM
Tito can't create enough drama out of his own problems now so he's airing other people's dirty laundry in public. This guy needs to just give his mouth a rest, seriously. What he's saying may very well be true but it's Rampage's business whether he wants to advertise his issues with his manager to thousands of people, not Tito's. He just can't seem to help himself when it comes to creating drama.
9/6/08 4:56:28AM
still doesnt change the fact that Juanito is ona the best Trainers out there. he comes up with great game plans and he gave Rampage what he needed to get the belt.

and didnt Rampage drop Juanito during his nervous breakdown? so maybe Page overreacted.
9/6/08 7:54:22AM
I don't see why people are mad at Tito!
He was asked a question and responded in a honest way. What happened was disgusting. Ibarra should be made to feel ashamed, how can someone charge double the cost for that long a period of time and still hold their head up.

Tito obviously has a huge amount of Respect for Rampage and it comes across that way in the interview. Ibarra should be banned from coaching and I hope he has to pay that 2 million fine himself.
The guys a bum and deserves to be broke!
And his hat looks stupid!
9/6/08 2:42:06PM

Posted by AnDeRsonDaSiLvA

i hope kongo drops ibarra and we never have to hear from him again.

makes sense, Kongo has good enough standup and Ibarra is primarily a boxing coach.

Mind ur own business Tito. That being said, I gotta put my hatred for Tito aside on this one. He makes a good arguement, and personally I could see through all the BS Ibarra was feedin us anyway.

I wish Ibarra would just disappear along with Ken Shamrock
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