Ortiz/Shamrock 2 SHOULD Main Event the next CBS fight card!!!

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POLL: Would this be an excellent idea?
Yes 38% (10)
No 19% (5)
Ten times better then the first card 15% (4)
Screw EliteXC 27% (7)
6/3/08 11:48:29PM
No this isn't another prediction thread that have been roaming around a lot recently. I just thought this be an EXCELLENT idea for the next free EliteXC fight card on CBS.

Because unlike the last card in every fight, in this fight you don't have two one dimensional brawlers going at it KOing one another in the first round. You have two well rounded guys who are great on the ground, but at least half decent on the feet. it'd be a great way to show well rounded MMA in EliteXC on CBS. I mean it's classic wrestler vs. submission guy on the ground and I imagine they'd stand with each other a lot too since it's not easy to GNP Frank and it's not easy to submit Tito. Kinda a stalemate on the ground so they'd try to create fast paced excitement on the feet.

The CBS executive said they did well to attract the casual fans since they love brutal Chuck Liddell type KO's. But now needed to work a little harder to get the more hardcore fans interested and this would be the best way to start IMHO. Will it happen? Probably not this early since Tito probably won't even fight until late 08/early 09 and they'd have to settle money and which weight class or catch weight disputes. But it would be a solid way to build this CBS deal to great heights.

6/4/08 2:05:33AM
I know Frank said he has been open to the idea of it. They should put this fight and the Lawler vs Smith 2 fight. Both fights would be very good.

But im guessing the fight has to be at LHW or around the 200's, it should show newer fans more of the ground game between frank and ortiz unless they decide to stand and trade like sherk and bj which i hope wouldnt happen.
6/4/08 12:45:10PM
I'm not interested in either of them. And I don't think most casual fans would be happy w/ the fight. So it might get ppl watching, but it wouldn't be good for them.
6/4/08 6:28:11PM
I think it would be a fight people would want to see but Frank would take this all day. It would be a lot better than the main event they just had.
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