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5/26/08 2:01:42AM
Though Tito Ortiz lost his UFC 84 bout to Lyoto Machida, he still managed to get a one-up on his long time rival Chuck Liddell in what Ortiz claimed to be his last UFC fight. Ortiz became the only man with 21 bouts inside the Octagon. Liddell is not far behind with 20 bouts, and Matt Hughes will also be at 20 after UFC 85.

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5/26/08 2:08:06AM
i did not even think about that one. How long did it take you after the PPV to think of that one ?
5/26/08 2:16:41AM
I try to update the records after every event.
5/26/08 2:18:40AM
Nice avatar by the way!
5/26/08 2:22:10AM
who gave him the cut
5/26/08 2:24:25AM
That one was courtesy of Vitor Belfort !
5/26/08 2:41:57AM
5/26/08 3:04:44PM
Yeah Tito was the man, It kind of sucks that he's gone, too bad he could of got that triangle that would of been crazy
5/27/08 12:01:04AM
That is all fine and dandy what he has done but what has he done lately. I've always been a huge Tito Ortiz fan but what it seems like is he is not trying to win the fights. If you saw him against Evans & Machido he was only trying to keep the fight going to the distance. He grabbed the cage a few times against Evans costing him the win & how in the world could Machido get out of his submission. It looked like he let him out right before he tapped. If you seem him against Chuck he tried his behind off but honeslt lost. I'm starting to wonder if he is throwing the fights just to prove some weird point. I can not confirm any of this ubt this is my opinion. I hope I'm totally wrong but it does not seem that way from my view point at this time.
8/5/08 4:00:39PM
You make a good point about the sub attempt on Machido it did look like he let him go, mybe he was just burnt out, and his endurance isn't all that he says it is... I mean the guy works hard but he seems to gas alot if he doesn't win within the first round...
8/5/08 4:29:42PM
YEa, I think Rogan said that after his fight but I could be wrong. Chuck will have it soon, if not Matt Hughes
8/5/08 5:47:21PM
Tito is washed up. Focus is on money, not fighting and that is the problem.
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