Ortiz picks Shogun, Varner and others pick Sonnen

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8/17/13 1:40:25AM
Ortiz picks Shogun, Varner and others pick Sonnen - Shamrock quote steals the show!

Tito Ortiz (16-11-1, UFC Hall of Fame) - “Chael is a great 185lb fighter but Shogun at 205lbs will out-class him. Chael will put up a great fight for the first 5 minutes but Shogun will win the fight. Chael needs to stay at 185lbs. I’m proud of him stepping up though, so let’s go Chael!”

Frank Shamrock (23-10-2, Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, WEC Light Heavyweight Champion & Strikeforce Middleweight Champion) - “My prediction: Sonnen will lose and continue to be the only star in the UFC.”

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Overall it was 7-4 in favor Sonnen....................
8/17/13 4:17:06AM

Sonnen...and then won a lop-sided decision over Michael Bisping to put himself in place for a rematch

Maybe the author doesn't understand the word lop-sided?

Edit: Nevermind, maybe it can be used to mean a close decision.
8/17/13 6:24:39AM
5 round fight. Guys are picking the man who gasses out.
8/17/13 3:04:15PM
I'm surprised that many people picked Shogun, but I hope they're right.

8/17/13 3:25:14PM
Shogun just let a striker pull a takedown clinic on him. I'm guessing the second best takedown guy in MMA wins hands down.

BTW my one true hope is Sonnen taps Shogun out. If so I will die a happy man.