Ortiz: Hopefully Chuck can dance better than he can fight

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9/7/09 1:46:00PM
Tito Ortiz has launched a scathing attack on long time rival, Chuck Liddell, saying “The Iceman’s” career is over and that he hopes he can dance better than he fights.

When asked about the recent comments Liddell made about Ortiz needing a win or two under his belt to make him relevant enough to face again inside the octagon, Ortiz said:

“That’s kinda funny. I think he needs to get a couple of wins under his belt also. I think he’s been knocked out four of his last five fights. I’ve never been knocked out unconscious in any of my fights in my whole career in the last thirteen years so for him to say those words is like calling the kettle black.

9/7/09 1:57:37PM
Ortiz.....back problems.....
This topic.......
9/7/09 2:02:35PM
Nothing like drumming up an old rivalry to convince yourself you're still relevant. This is like Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant 20 years after the fact. Except obviously there would be some difficulty making THAT match happen

If the UFC really wants to push this fight they ought to just make a "Champion's Cup" like golf has. I don't have any problem with watching two old guys beat the hell out of each other, but to pretend there is some relevancy or title implications is a bit of a stretch IMO
9/7/09 2:04:52PM
Tito is a press whore and I love it!
He's bound to say something about someone in the devision soon enough and he'll get KO'd.
I love the back and forth between Tito and anyone who he doesn't like, but his trash talking Chuck is hilarious!
He ducked him for so long and when he finally had to fight him Chuck KO'd him twice!
9/7/09 2:34:32PM
LOL. Chuck would destroy Tito if they fought again just like he did in the previous fights. Ortiz doesnt even have a punchers chance, he has almost 0 power in his hands. I just cant wait till he has to face Rampage so we can hear his exuses for why he wont take the fight.
9/7/09 3:35:22PM
lol Tito, he beat you.....twice
9/7/09 3:36:06PM
its probably a premeditated PR move to hype a potential 3rd fight with Chuck......it makes sense, it would sell PPVs.
9/7/09 3:52:27PM
I guess it would make sense to talk trash about a guy that has beaten you...twice
9/7/09 3:59:59PM
You know something Ortiz is in NO position to talk. If I can remember correctly he got KNOCKED OUT not 1 but 2ice by the ICEMAN. He should stop running his mouth and concentrate on fighting. If he would put half the amount of time and energy into fighting as he does running his mouth he might actually be SOMETHING in the world of MMA !

9/7/09 4:04:51PM
He has a point, its not like Chuck is on some winning streak or something...to have to earn a fight with him

But at the same time, Tito making fun of Chucks fighting skills, is only making fun of his own...seeing he has gotten beaten up twice by Liddell
9/7/09 4:49:47PM
I don't think I could really hyped for a third but Tito is tito and chuck had his number does he still I think so cause chuck still can't be taken down and that's all tito has so chuck by punches in bunches lol
9/7/09 4:55:51PM
talk about low blow!!!!!!!
9/7/09 5:28:44PM
Tito is full of crap and he knows it, however, for Chuck to say he has never been knocked out his ludicrous. He was totally KOed against Evans for sure.
9/7/09 7:09:38PM
I'm actually interested to see how a third fight might turn out.
Chuck dominated Tito in both their fights,but a part of me does wonder how the 3rd one would go down.
I say make them TUF coaches,build up the already legendary rivalry,then milk it for all its worth.
9/7/09 7:58:41PM
Tito only perks up after it seems that time has caught up with Chuck, however tito would still get mauled by Chuck and would be funny to watch. Would be about the oonly fight I would want to see Chuck come back for. Can't stand to see my dude Liddell take another loss and I am not worried about Tito, so bring it on. You would think titos girl would have teached him how to take a pounding by now since she has been so good at it for so long.
9/7/09 8:13:50PM
Why would you talk smack on a guy who beat you both times you fought
9/8/09 6:49:27AM
I mean I know he wants to create drama and whatnot, but honestly you'd think he would come up with something better than insulting the fighting skills of the guy that kicked his ass numerous times.

I guess he's just angling for what he knows will be a huge draw and payday, as they are still 2 of the most recognizable names to the casual fan. Still pretty funny.
9/8/09 4:33:25PM
So Chuck is washed up according to Ortiz, So he want's to go from a 45 year old Coleman to a washed up Chuck Liddel? Who's next Dan Severn, Don Frye? Can't have it both ways Tito. Either he's washed up or he's a viable challenger.
9/8/09 7:24:05PM
Tito is the Mayweather of MMA. He is a brilliant self promoter and knows how to sell a fight. You don't have to like him---in fact, that's kind of the point. In person, I have no idea what kind of human he is, probably a megalomaniac and very unpleasent to be around, but I don't know. Regardless, it works well to sell PPV---I almost want to see this fight now. :) And with a few more well placed insults and sarcastic comments and a renewed Chuck presence on TV---who knows? HIS brand of trash talk and fight promotion is a lot better than Lesnar's though. He doesn't make you "hate him" from a fight perspective or appreciate his witticism, he just comes across as a jerk/moron.
9/8/09 10:11:01PM
IF!.....IF!...this fight was to happen it would be the bets thing for Chuck. It would light a fire under his ass and want to KNOCK the **** out of Tito....for a third time. Thats is exactly what would happen.....who is Titio kidding.....thinking he could outstrike Lidell!! It would be the perfect fight for Chuck to end his amazing career in MMA on. A total Tito Ortiz DOMINATION!!!!
9/9/09 1:37:34AM
If Chuck isn't much of fighter what does they say of the guy he has beaten not once but twice by TKO/KO?
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