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8/7/08 2:46:50AM
Ok so i finally saw this fight tonight on UFC unleashed for the first time cause i couldn't find it on limewire or anything.

I don't understand how Tito won that fight. I scored it as a draw. Maybe that takedown in round 3 was what did it.

curious on thoughts
8/7/08 4:47:24AM
without the TD I give it to Griffin. But Griffin got owned in round 1. almost 10-8
8/7/08 5:04:40AM
Yeah, Forrest had his ass handed to him in the first! Showed his heart though and hung in there!

WAR FORREST, LHW CHAMPION (I love saying that!)
8/7/08 9:48:42AM
No. I had Tito 29, Forrest 28. He put up a good fight though. He'd win if they fought now.
8/7/08 10:37:45AM
That first round was by far more of a 10-8 than Forest vs Rampage round 2 was.Forest came back well though but the takedown at the end was what probly got the 3rd for Tito.
8/7/08 12:53:33PM
What I found hilarious was that the judge it came down to.. was Cecil Peoples.

The first judge had a complete bull**** score 30-27, the next had it right with 29-28, and then Cecils had it 29-27.

I had it an extremely, EXTREMELY close 29-28 for Forrest but I could definitely see Tito taking it. But not 30-27, that's the definition of bs.
8/7/08 1:29:25PM

Round 1 - Ortiz gets 2/2 takedowns and lands 50 GnP shots and lands 5 strikes at a distance to control grappling and striking. 10 - 8 Ortiz

Round 2 - Griffin stuffs 5 takedowns and lands 29 strikes to Ortiz's 18. 10 - 9 Griffin(you could argue a 10 - 8 for Griffin after seeing the stats for this round)

Round 3. Griffin stuffs another 4 takedowns and gets taken down 1 time. Griffin lands 27 shots standing to Ortiz's 13. And Griffin actually landed more shots from the bottom than Ortiz did from top position. Griffin 10 - 9

Draw - 28 - 28

I think the judges seriously underestimated takedown defense in this fight and it caused Griffin the L.
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