Ortiz vs. Franklin & Henderson vs. Belfort on deck for UFC 103?

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7/26/09 12:47:33PM
Drastic changes to UFC 103 appear to be underway.

Adding fuel to the fire, a newly available fighter such as Tito Ortiz or Vitor Belfort could be seeing action in the Octagon on September 19th as UFC.com has recently removed the previously announced rematch between Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson scheduled to headline UFC 103 in Dallas, TX.

7/26/09 12:48:58PM
If this is true this card just went form average to awesome in a heatbeat!
7/26/09 1:03:59PM
Or Ortiz vs Belfort.

Hopefully things will come into focus this friday at the press conf.

I think Ortiz vs Franklin could sell just because of the names alone. But who knows if Ortiz is even ready to fight.
7/26/09 1:43:59PM
Hopefully Ortiz is ready to go. Sounds like the obvious fights would be Franklin/Ortiz at 205 and Hendo/Belfort at 185. Although I wouldn't mind if any of these guys fought one another.
7/26/09 1:53:07PM
I think Hendo/Ortiz would be a great fight, I also wouldnt mind any matchup with the exception of Hendo/Franklin 2.
7/26/09 2:01:15PM
I'd like to see Ortiz vs Franklin but I think it'd be good if they kept the Franklin- Hendo rematch and gave Vitor a rematch with Tito, cause both fights very close Split decisions. I don't think a Hendo-Vitor rematch would be the way to go, though maybe I'm wrong.
7/26/09 2:19:00PM
Right now, I have no clue what is going on. I would love to see an Ortiz vs Franklin and Hendo vs Belfort if both those fights are on 103 that would make the card much better. Hopefully we find out what's going on Friday at the press conference.
7/26/09 3:03:51PM
my guess is it will be Ortiz vs Franklin as that has way more selling power to the casual fans, and probably hardcore fans as well.

but personally I'd rather see Belfort vs Henderson added, that would be a war
7/26/09 4:38:23PM
Ufc 103 is a crazy card.
7/26/09 4:41:48PM
I'm not getting excited for this because this isn't really news. Its possible that it could happen but I'm not getting my hopes up.
7/26/09 5:21:40PM
Why should Belfort go back up to 205 to fight Tito again? I don't like that idea at all. Franklin/Ortiz and Belfort/Henderson 2 is much more logical.
7/26/09 6:45:13PM
Henderson vs. Belfort should be the main event. It is pretty much a #1 contender match. I would like to see Franklin vs. Ortiz also. Could we see the Tito of old after his back surgery. Let's not forget that Renato "Babalu" Sobral could also be brought back into the UFC.
7/26/09 7:40:18PM
I didn't really care about Henderson vs. Belfort when it happened at Pride 32,and I wouldn't really care about it now.Still goes down about the same way,minus Vitor getting popped for roids.

I'd rather see Hendo vs. Tito and Franklin vs. Belfort.You can even do the Franklin fight at the new imaginary 195 pound weight class..........

7/26/09 8:06:45PM
dallas won't get both fights i can tell u that
i think it will be franklin vs ortiz and
hendo will fight in oct in la that card desperately needs another big name fight
hendo vs cote or belfort might be it or even hendo vs wandy
7/26/09 8:29:13PM
Vitor Belfort vs Dan Henderson is it going to be 205 or 185?
7/26/09 10:12:45PM

Posted by komodo20

Vitor Belfort vs Dan Henderson is it going to be 205 or 185?

If it happened, 185lbs.
7/27/09 12:35:24AM
that seems like those matchups would make the most sense. Nobody wants that rematch other than Franklin, and I lost hope for this card until now. Can't wait for Ortiz and Belfort!!!!!!!!

I am taking Ortiz for UD in his comeback and Hendo by KO for his title shot..following Marquardt/Maia
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