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3/11/07 3:47:52AM
Should Ortiz move down a step and clean house in middlewieght?

obviously he is never going to beat chuck. and with the number of just phenominal looking athletes coming up in LHW that will probly one day defeat him (bisping,evans etc sometime in the future) i think he could easily move to 185 and be on top in no time at all. he could obviously GnP silva and probly franklin so MW champ would be better than second best in LHW
3/11/07 4:48:19AM
He's a really big LHVY , I don't think he could make it. Also, if he did his head would look even bigger
3/11/07 5:01:35AM
he started out as MW...
3/11/07 5:32:31AM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

he started out as MW...

Do you mean when the UFC lightheavy belt was called the middleweight belt and the only belts were 201+ heavy weight and 200 under middlewight? I guess it doen't matter either way to me though. He is way bigger now than when he fought F. SHamrock. I just don't think he could make it, just my opinion though.
3/11/07 5:43:25AM
well hes gotta pull a miracle out of his ass or somethin...hes got huge competition coming up all around him...i dont think he will ever be LHW champ again.

and yeah i meant MW when the weights were different but he looked considerably smaller back then i guess.
3/11/07 6:30:57AM
He still had to cut to 200 back then, so I agree it wouild be really hard to make 185 now.
3/11/07 8:45:46AM
He walking weight is in the 220 range, so that would make it hard. When Ed Herman was clowning him on his "chicken legs", he replied that was how he made 205.

Additionally, I don't think he could do anything to A. Silva. Unfortunately for him, he has no where to go. (Except PRIDE) He can't beat Chuck and he won't fight Rampage, and they will be the top of the UFC LHWs for awhile, IMO
3/11/07 10:10:29AM
screw middle, he should go heavy, if randy beat cro cop, randy vs. tito would be insaine.
3/11/07 11:46:19AM
I think the things that he is good at would fall off if he cut down to MW. He would lose some strength and might hurt his conditioning. His problem with Chuck is his striking and Rich to me is a better striker. Him fighting Silva would be interesting, i think it would be closer than you might think As far as him beating Chuck, im not so quick to dismiss him as needing a miracal. He had a good showing in his last fight. I hope that all this new compitiion coming up will force him to evolve as a fighter. Maybe seeing Randy step out of the box against Tim will show him its possible and worth it.
3/11/07 12:57:49PM
Ortiz is the best, i don't think he could make middleweight to be honest. On my UFC 59 DVD, in the features it says he was 240 before his weigh-in. Crazy, eh. thats only 25 pounds under the UFC limit! If he could do it, he would lose a lot of power and strength. But he would GnP, the living SH@T out of all the mw, includin' franklin and silva.
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3/11/07 1:57:05PM
Tito should move down to middlewieght and clean up like his boy Dean Lister

3/11/07 2:12:38PM
Chop his head off and he can compete at featherweight
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