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5/23/08 10:21:30PM
Do you all agree?

Strikeforce and EliteXC and ICON and Art of War
Affliction and Dream and M-1
DEEP and K-1 and Shooto

5/23/08 10:26:44PM
The Concept is Great to Unite, I would like to see the IFL and Elite XC Colaberate. Affliction is the same as M-1 and K-1 is already united with Dream. Very Solid List Though. Elite XC, Strikeforce and Icon are also united, they swap Fighters sometimes. Great Post !
5/23/08 10:30:44PM
strikeforce- EliteXC- Icon are all owned by Proelite, so in a sense they are already united, dont know about art of war though, cant remeber.

WEC is owned by Zuffa (who owns UFC)- so the UFC basically does what it wants with WEC, its like their minor leagues, whenever they see exceptional talent they bring it up, there has already been talk about zuffa taking out the heavier weight classes off WEC, and sending the better guys to the UFC, keep the WEC for the lighter weight classes that the UFC doesnt have.

Dont agree with the last 2 though. makes more sense (to me anyways)

Adrenaline MMA---Affliction

DREAM (owned by k1 basically)----Shooto

World Victory Road--- DEEP

the ideal would be DREAM and WVR unite, but thats very unlikely since both are fighting for the Japanase MMA market.

5/23/08 11:54:27PM
yeah UFC and WEC are already together. WEC just has the lower weight classes and maybe for some guys that are struggling.
5/24/08 1:47:51AM
I use to think Strikeforce was part of Elite since they were on NBC.

I think Strikeforce and EliteXC
Dream and WVR
K-1 and Shooto
UFC and WEC (they already are kinda, I think they should scrap the LHW and MW titles on WEC and bring the fighters up there)
Affliction and M-1 are fine alone even though Im wondering how alvie M-1 really is and how alive Affliction will be after one card?
5/24/08 2:02:00AM
UFC and WEC need to be seperate, otherwise you would have an inbalence of undercard fights and main fights, you could have the most stacked card of the year then have a really bad one or two shows, besides the WEC represents the Bantams and Feathers, theres simply no room in time slots and card space, unless they give the people more fights an event like 12-14 fights the WEC and UFC should be seperate forever.

However the IFL is going to hell in a handbasket and show definatly merge with a leading org. like EliteXC, Icon, Gladiator Challenge, Cage Rage, King of the Cage, i dont care as long as the IFL guys keep fighting top guys, would like to see some of the IFL in the UFC or in some cases like Vlady back in the UFC.

Affliction should just merge with the UFC or EliteXC, probably inprobable but for all the good fighters Affliction is signing....why not in the future?

Dream and Sengoku need to merge, no doubt about that one, we need another Japanese fighting org. standout like Pride, not a scattered mess, even tho Pancrase, Shooto and Deep have been around forever they dont get a lot of worldwide recognition because its usually only asian fighters, and not a diverse mix bag of humanity like the bigger orgs.
5/24/08 10:00:42AM
Yeah, and I know it wouldn't happen but one roster and one set of titles would be better though if you talk about pairing up. Those kind of rosters could be powerhouses and an actual threat to the UFC when people realize where a lot of these stars the UFC built and marketed went to.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows the UFC and WEC are already together and Dream and K-1 so I think that is what he was getting at. I personally don't see why others such as CageRage- Elite XC- Strikeforce- Icon aren't already together because thet organization under Elite XC's name would be pretty big.
5/25/08 6:11:54PM
My reasons being were that most orgs need more quality fighters to hold the quantity of events that are needed in order to combat the UFC/WEC mega corps. I think the UFC owes us longer events and more weight classes. For God's sake I rent a PPV and have to watch an hour of pre-fight interviews and advertisements (for the event I just rented)!!!!
Now Affliction and M-1 are basically the same org, I figured that Japan could unify to give me (yes this is all about me the fan) another PrideFC. Strikeforce, Icon, and EliteXC for reasons posted above. IFL just needs more cash otherwise they will be bankrupt and just plain disappear.

Now could someone tell me when (if ever) Babalu is going to fight in EliteXC, I mean didn't he sign with them???

Oh, and thanks for all your input it helped settle a little drunken debate between me and the guys!!
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