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2/10/10 12:30:18AM
135- Brian Bowles
150-Jose Aldo
165-BJ Penn
195- Anderson Silva
215- Gegard

Go with the Dream ring with the red white and blue ropes/white Canvas
Call the organization Strikeforce
Bas Rutten/Joe Rogan Announcers
Air ALL events on CBS or ESPN or FOX or NBC
At the end of the year on new years eve hold like a superbowl event called the ultimate Fighting Championships AIR it on PPV where the champions face off to see whos the best. So the match ups would be 135 vs 150-so do a catchweight of 142 or 143 lbs. Then keep going in order. So at the end of the night we can declare 4 champions and they will hold that title for a year until its time to go again but in between that year they fight in their normal weight classes and do what they usually do. There will still be title belts on the line just wont be like the ultimate fighting championships on new years eve.

New years eve match-ups

Brian Bowles vs Jose aldo @ a catchweight of 142 or 143 lbs.
Bj Penn vs GSP @ a catchweight of 172 or 173 lbs.
Anderson Silva vs Gegard @ a catchweight of 202 or 203 lbs.
Fedor vs Lesnar @ a Catchweight of 250 lbs

At the end of the night their will be 4 winners.

ALSO. I know MMA is very difficult on deciding who is the best so I came up with another Idea. If you all watch soccer worldwide, I like the way they do things, cause there are tons of different leagues and divisions. Soooo....

How bout at the end of the year. they take the top 2 fighters from each division in each of the major organizations sooo......

Bellator 2

So take 2 fighters in each weight class from each organization and have a champions organization that technically is a year long tournament. @ the end the champions of each weight class stay in this organization to chllenge the new crop that comes through. so heres how it would look. Ill just concentrate on the lightweight division. So we will keep all the organizations going while this division is in play, run each organization as is. so at the end of each year december 31st tally the top ranked fighters in each weight class and pick 2. we are doing the lightweight division sooo.

1.Eddie Alvarez
2. We'll just say Joachim Hansen

1. Shinya Aoki
2. Tatsuya Kawajiri

1.Gilbert Melendez
2. KJ Noons

1. BJ Penn
2. Frankie Edgar

Also if you do it like this, a lot of fighters will not want to fight in ONE competitive organization cause it will lessen their chance of getting to the Champions division, so all of these organizations will be pretty even now.

So now that we have our pool. the lightweight division for the whole year will compete in a tournament. So it only takes 2 fights to get to the title fight, making a total of 3 fights/year, about normal. So who ever is the champion of this division at the end of the year STAYS. The next year each organization will have been competing the year that the champions division was going. The runner up in each division of the champions division gets to stay as well and the other 4 get demoted back to their respected organizations and a new pool of fighters come in. so we will have the champ in each organization (Bellator,DREAM,Strikeforce. and UFC) locked into the tourney now, this will all repeat itself at the end of the year and keeps going and going. That way we have ONE declared champ for each weight class and thats ALL the rankings should be.

Play all the organizations (Bellator,DREAM,Strikeforce, and UFC) on ESPN and have the champions division aired on PPV.

What do you guys think?

Kinda resembles the UEFFA Champions league in a way.

2/10/10 1:14:10AM
I think you have some interesting ideas, but they don't reflect the reality of the business of mma at all.

It is always nice to dream, but...
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